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How Developing a Growth Mindset Can Get You Unstuck in Life

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The problem is not out there.

But how different you perceive yourself from a growth mindset mentality. It’s true there are differences between how you think and how a growth mindset see’s their goal in general.

And I will share with you the skills you need to get unstuck in life and learn how a growth mindset personality does it so you can do the same too.

Let’s get started.


To truly be successful you must learn to adapt and develop a growth mindset. Here is what you must learn from a GMT (growth mindset thinking) they have a strong will they will succeed in life. Even if the world sees’s them as crazies.

They hold a strong conviction of what they are doing in life is for a greater good.

This is what motivates them to keep pursuing their goal non-stop. They truly believe in their work. They are passionate people and they’re quite open-minded about listening to advice, consultations, and tips with one thing in hand.

They never get their eyes off the price, the reward or their focus.

A GMT is all about focusing on one thing and one thing only. They create this unification of mind, body, and soul. A growth mindset teaches us that when all these elements are congruent or aligned something magical happens and that pushes them to keep going.

A growth mindset personality knows it must feel their purpose or nothing will get done. They will find anything in their reach to feel it that it’s true.

A growth mindset knows where to invest time and effort and seize the opportunity because they follow their feelings. It’s intuition and feeling that moves them.

They are characterized as emotionally powerful beings. This is a true desire in life.

Another lesson a growth mindset possesses and can teach us is the feeling of being one with our goal. A growth mindset sees ’s and feels it’s goal as a part of itself. They create all these things, goals, business and improvements in life because they believe it’s a part of them.

They are so motivated about working on themselves they do not allow a piece of themselves to fail. They cannot see a part of themselves fail. That is why they are on constant self-improvement.

The goals they work on are really themselves working on themselves.

How many times have you done something in life and felt it wasn’t you fully and quit? It is time to start building something that is you.

That is what makes a growth mindset personality unique. All they do in life are experiences that align with who they are. They create things as representations of themselves.

They multiply themselves in business, experiences, and things.


What is unique about a growth mindset?

Is that It truly allows you to convince yourself you deserve more. When you start building a growth mindset in life you must also believe whatever goal it is you have in life you’re meant to have it.

Isn’t this an egotistical me-me approach. But it works. They truly believe they deserve it. Perhaps this is what you’re missing.

A GMT believes also it’s meant to do what it’s meant to do in life. They are bull-headed in other words. They are fearless and strong and believe they will not fail.

This is one strong personality trait to develop. In a way, a GMT makes you believe and become delusional that you will not fail. This is what pushes many who possess a growth mindset to keep going.

They know one day they will achieve it. They know it for a fact. There is no thought of a growth mindset mentality.

They truly believe failure is not going to happen for them. It’s a waste of time bothering and thinking about it. They reserve time for what it’s truly important the objective at hand.

Along with more delusional thinking. A GMT feels that they are here with a purpose to prove in life. They harbor in the idea that they are special, unique and it’s their purpose in life to achieve their goal.

They are here to prove something. Are you?

It pushes them to an extreme. Perhaps that is what we must learn from them. We must feel special, unique and feel we can contribute something of value to the world and ourselves.


This is how a growth mindset is built. They are dreamers they are shakes. What do I mean by this? A growth mindset allows itself to dream to wonder and to dream big dreams.

But they are not dreams out of reach. When you possess a growth mindset you know you will achieve what you’re destined to reach because you don’t believe in failure.

This is what makes developing a growth mindset so powerful. It truly helps you believe your wildest dreams will come true. As mentioned earlier they are bulled head, stubborn like mules but nonetheless they achieve it.

It’s their constant persistent need to go get it. They are go-getters. They don’t wait around. They don’t see life challenges as obstacles they see them as opportunities to overcome. Opportunity to brag.

They do not wait. They are impatient so that is what you need to do. Stop waiting around and go do something.


Yes, a growth mindset see’s challenges as trophies to brag about. It brags about how hard they had it and how they overcame it. In a way, it brags they had it worse than you and they’re not crying over about it.

To them, adversary is a competition of who can overcome more adversity better.

Isn’t this a unique way of seeing life. They see life as bringing it on I can take it and I had worst and overcome worst how come you can?

They set themselves apart from the adversities they have transcended.

They put their adversities at their highest than their achievements. They like to talk about how they solved harder problems than you rather than how much money they made from it.

They are problem solvers. They wear their battle wounds with pride. Compare to those who are embarrassed and ashamed of their problems. This is what makes them have a strong personality. They are transparent.

They are not ashamed of where they come from. They are proud of what they have become from their “challenges”.

This is what makes a growth mindset special to have and develop. Do not be ashamed of your wounds. Do not see life as challenges but future trophies of life.

They are more concern about what they are becoming in the future and letting the past be a history lesson. Life for them is a history lesson. They read and research their past experiences and learned from them.

Perhaps that is one thing you must do. Go back to the past and see what you left behind.

Perhaps all those golden nuggets.

There is a difference between your mind and a growth mindset mind. It does dig up the past to learn instead of burying it which is what most of us do.


  1. Decide today you’re leaving your old way of thinking.
  2. Find someone you admire in life and learn how they think and copy them.

About the author

Ricardo Ortiz is a psychologist helping people to develop a growth mindset to empower themselves in life.

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