How to Improve Your Google Page Rank (Updated)

December 26, 2016 by OurNetHelps

What exactly is Google Page Rank? This term is an important one to know in the world of online marketing because its impact on your marketing activities will be significant. High PR sites will be the ones that you leverage in content marketing on the Web. High PR sites are also ones that you’ll want to receive backlinks from.

So, what exactly does this fancy term signify? What’s the importance of a site with a high PR, and what does it mean to have a low PR? Well, Page Rank is an algorithm, which was created by Google to rank the importance of all the WebPages on the Internet. The score can range from zero to ten, with zero being the lowest Page Rank and ten is the highest. And, since PR is so difficult to increase, and each notch up from 0 to 10 is exponentially greater from the level below it, having a high Page Rank takes significant effort.

The following is attributable to the Page Rank of Web Pages:

Page Rank (0 -2): These are considered below average PR WebPages. Having a 0–2 Page Rank means that you’re just starting out or have a very new Webpage with little trust in age, authority, and content. This is where the majority of Page Rank lies for newer sites.

Page Rank (3-5): These are considered average PR Web pages. Having a PR of 3–5 is a good accomplishment. However, moving from 3 to 4 and from 4 to 5 becomes increasingly difficult. You have to ensure that you target the three spectrums of Google’s trust, which includes age, authority, and content, as best you can, consistently over time.

Page Rank (6–7): These are the above average Web pages on the Web. Achieving a 6 or 7 Page Rank is incredibly difficult, and it’s attributed to some of the most popular sites on the Internet. If you look at the proceeding image, you’ll notice that 0–7 Page Rank is at the very bottom of the mountain, where almost all the sites on the Web fall.

Page Rank (8–10): These are the elite sites on the Web. They’re your,,, and So few Web pages fall into this category, and achieving this type of Page Rank is incredibly difficult. But, what’s important about a Page Rank of 8 to 10 is how implicitly Google trusts these sites. Content marketing falls into the spectrum of posting content on sites that rank in Page Rank from 6 to 10.

How to Market Content and Improve Your Google Page Rank:

So, how does this work? How do we market content, exactly? And, how do we design that content so that we get the most attention that we possibly can? When creating content, the first thing that you must do is adhere to these principles. By adhering to these principles, you can ensure that you’ll deliver content that will provide the best return on your investment of time. Don’t deliver on these principles and you can be sure that your content will flounder like a fish out of the water, unable to make its way across the strong upstream current that’s common in the seas of online marketing.

Add Value: When building content for the purposes of marketing, you must add value. Not only must you add value, but you must also do it in a very big way. What does this mean? Well, no matter what you’re trying to convey to other people, it has to add value. Whether that value is in the form of entertainment value, informational value, or some other form of value, it must deliver on its value proposition. When you deliver on the value proposition, Google sits up and pays attention. So, how do you go about delivering value then to people on the Web? Well, you have to answer a question to the best of your ability.

For example, if your article is for information purposes about an area like taxes, you had better deliver huge value in that article. Maybe you’ll answer a question such as, “What is the best type of legal entity for my business?” Or, the question can be anything else, but regardless of what the question is you must answer it in a way that’s also engaging and well written. Google hates poorly-written articles that have loads of spelling and grammar mistakes. It knows that people also hate this, so you must take care in the details. Not only must you provide a well-written article, but also it must be free of all errors. Understand that this is about quality and not quantity. It’s far better to produce 1 or 2 excellent articles per week that are of high quality.

Be Unique: The one thing that you absolutely cannot do is copy content. You must be unique. If you do quote from another source, you had better ensure that you cite that source. But, this principle also applies in life no matter what you do. Although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, copycat imitation can also get you into hot water. Don’t take the easy way out and try to copy something that’s already been written on the Web.

Make sure that you do the work, gather the evidence, and provide the proper explanations and resources to backup what you’re saying. A unique value you provide, the better it will be for you in the long run. When Google, and people across the Web, see you consistently delivering unique value, your prominence and reach will increase drastically. But, this will also get people to sit up and pay attention to you, and this content will rank higher because of it. Always be unique.

Create Trust: By constantly building excellent, well-written content that provides value and is unique, you will build trust over time. It will happen slowly. It won’t happen overnight. But, when trust is built, Google takes notice, and so does the Internet population. So many people on the Web don’t focus on breeding an air of trust, and because of it, they flounder. So, if you don’t want to suffer this fate, you have to abide by certain rules when it comes to marketing your content or doing anything else on the Web.

I know that some of these principles may seem to be cumbersome and long-winded to some people, but it’s what’s necessary in order to make progress on the very competitive Web today. So, focus on quality and not quantity, and ensure that everything that you do is aboveboard. Don’t provide misinformation or disinformation in an effort to set yourself apart from the crowd. If you know what you’re saying isn’t true and you can’t back it up with evidence, don’t say it; it’s that plain and simple. Always create trust, be honest, be ethical, and be straightforward no matter what you do on the Web.

Deliver Relevancy: When it comes to content marketing, delivering relevancy is critical to your overall success. But relevancy is important in so many ways because Google’s foundational understanding of the Web is based on relevancy.

1. How relevant are you in the eyes of Google?

2. How relevant are you in the eyes of someone searching for your content?

3. Does your content fit the niche that it’s located in?

4. Does your content try to add value, be unique, and create trust, or does it just try to spam and promote your products, services, or information?

You see you can’t solely push content out onto the Web just to promote or spam whatever it is that you’re offering. Your content marketing, in order to be effective, has to actually help people solve a problem or answer a question in a relevant way. If you’re not doing that, then you’re not adding value, which is the first principle to marketing anything on the Web. Adding value is so important, and it helps to lay the foundation for relevancy, but relevancy goes beyond that. Being relevant means that you’re helping people solve something specific in a specific niche. So, focus on one area or industry and constantly deliver relevancy in that area. Don’t try to sway from one area to another by posting irrelevant content in places that you shouldn’t.

Earn Excellence: Excellence, the fifth and final principle in marketing, but certainly not the last, is of utmost importance. Whatever you’re dealing with – whether it’s content marketing or any other form of marketing earning excellence should always be in the back of your mind. The most successful companies in the world have rooted their success in this principle. Companies like Amazon, Zappos, Facebook, and others, have all bred excellence. They realized that they were only fully accountable to themselves, and they never took shortcuts when it came to the quality of products or services that they had to offer. They always put other people first, and for that reason, they achieved excellence.

Of course, they also engaged in the other principles of marketing as well, but this fifth and final principle took them over the top. When you attempt to earn excellence with a consumer-base, sometimes it feels like you’re fighting an uphill battle. The days can be long and they can be arduous. Things can seem like they’re never-ending, especially when having to juggle so many concerns at once. But, people eventually sit up and take notice. Don’t ever try to take shortcuts, whatever you do on the Web. Earn excellence by always providing a superior product, service, or information in any format whatsoever. Each day, ensure that you’re better than the day before it, and when you can hold yourself accountable in this matter, you will truly succeed over time.

So, as long as you stick to these principles, your efforts in marketing content on the Web will pay off. If you sway from these principles, then marketing content on the Web will do just the opposite. To really be successful with content marketing, you need to have your own Website on your own domain. If you don’t have that, then it’s important to get setup with one. Set up a site on a blog platform like WordPress so that you can easily add fresh content that’s unique adds value and is engaging, on a daily basis. If you already have a Website, then you’re ahead of the game.

Best platforms for content marketing: (PR: 9) – One of the strongest platforms for content marketing is YouTube. If you’ve never used YouTube in your life, then you might be one of the very few. However, most likely, you have used it and you already have an account. The goal here, however, is to set up a channel. That channel should be inline with what you’re marketing or promoting. If you’re in accounting, then the channel should be related to that. If you’re in software, then it should be related to that. Come up with a good keyword for your channel that will encompass your business and industry. Then, create content in the form of videos that are at least 3 minutes long, which help to explain or teach something. Tutorials are the best form of content marketing, as you can speak and teach just about anything on YouTube.

Then, at the end, you can direct people to a Website for more information, or add links directly in the video itself. This freemium model works wonders in the world of content marketing. As you post more videos, you’ll become more of an authority. When you continuously do this, over time, your authority will increase. People will subscribe to your channel, like your videos, and share it with friends. And, when those videos house links to your own Website, your authority will increase over time. Again, nothing happens overnight, but YouTube is one of the best platforms for marketing any kind of content on the Web. (PR: 9) – This is another video-sharing site that’s gained massive popularity in recent years. It’s also another excellent resource for content marketing. Now, using sites like Vimeo or YouTube means you’ll have to hone some video shooting and production skills. Of course, these days, this is much simpler than it was several years back. Once you dive into the video you’ll never look back because there’s so much more you can say in a video than a blog itself. You can get your ideas across much more fluidly without having to worry about writing a picture-perfect article about something.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn to write and write well – you most certainly do. But, what it does mean is that you can leverage the power of your voice and your likeness (if you choose to) to get your point across better. That video will have to be linked in some way to an article or blog on your site. So, get to know the world of video and get to know it well. It will become one of your most trusted resources for organically promoting any product, service, or information offered. (PR: 9) – This domain is by far one of the most popular on the Web when it comes to content marketing. Now, with, this means that you utilize their domain by using a subdomain for your blog. For example, if you’re doing accounting primarily in the New York area, you might use or whatever another subdomain you can find that’s available. Ensure that you have some keywords that fit your industry, niche, or business. You don’t want to use some obscure title for this. You want to use a subdomain that’s filled with the keywords that will help people find your blog. Now, when the blog is posted on as a subdomain, it’s easily searchable and quickly indexed by Google. Take advantage of that and set up a blog using a subdomain on (PR: 8) – Another popular authority site, Tumblr is more of a micro-blog that allows you to post anything from photos, quotes, videos, and other information. By creating a popular micro-blog with excellent quotes, links, and valuable information, you can leverage the true power of Tumblr. You should focus on developing content that’s unique, provides value, and is engaging. Try not to create a copycat blog or duplicate content that you find somewhere else on the Web – that would do more damage than it would do good. Focus on excellent content then links that content to other excellent content that you develop on your own Website or domain. Don’t try to take any shortcuts, especially when it comes to content marketing. If Google sees that you’re trying to take shortcuts, you can kiss most of your free organic traffic goodbye. (PR: 8) – This site is an excellent resource for content marketing, and is probably one of the most popular ones out there on the Web. Slideshare is a viral marketing platform that will allow you to post your documents, presentations, and slideshows on a platform that will offer you enormous exposure. This is an excellent place to really flex your content marketing muscles. Focus on building content that will provide real value to people. Help people to solve a problem, answer a question, or fill some need for information that may be lacking from their lives. Do the research and write a carefully thought out article that provides excellent advice, tips, and resources to people trying to resolve some issue in their lives, whatever that issue may be.

When you only post content on your own site, especially when that site is new and doesn’t have a lot of authority, your overall exposure will be low. However, the authority sites have built-in viewership in the millions. There are countless people scouring those sites for content, so that’s what you have to give them. When the content is excellent, you’ll reap the benefits through the social credibility of likes, shares, and bookmark.