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Google Merchant Center Allows you to Add Short Product Names

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For products in the Google Merchant Center, a new attribute [short_title] has appeared – “short title”. With its help, a capacious and precise definition of the product is indicated. The value of this attribute, unlike the value of the “title”[title] attribute, will only be used in certain types of ads, such as Discovery campaigns and Shopping ads in Gmail.

The attribute is optional for all products.

To display product ads, you must meet the minimum requirements for the “short title” attribute, otherwise, Google will reject the position:

  • Accuracy. The short description must accurately describe the product.
  • Conciseness. Use the [short_title] [short_title] attribute to stick to the point, as short titles appear in news feeds and recommendation collections.
  • Characteristics. The short title should contain the most important characteristics of the product. The title on the landing page and in the Merchant Center may not be the same, but it should be clear from them that they refer to the same product.
  • Literacy. Professional vocabulary is recommended. Simple and correct wording will help increase the number of clicks.
  • No foreign words. Do not include foreign words in the names unless you are sure that they are understandable to the average user.
  • Context. Foreign words must be transmitted using the language of the target country.
  • No spam. Do not use foreign characters to attract attention, for example: (ಠ_ಠ). This is considered spam.
  • No capital letters. Don’t try to get attention by using capital letters. If the ad contains a lot of capital letters, users are likely not only not to click on it, but also consider the ad to be spam.
  • Without advertising. Information about price, promotions, discounts, sales dates, delivery and its terms, as well as other information that is tied to time, must be indicated in the attributes intended for this, such as “‎‎sale price‎”‎ [sale_price] or “ ‎‎delivery‎»‎ [shipping].
  • No extra spaces. Instead, it is better to add more useful information about the product.

Recommendations for optimizing product information.

  • Do not use short names longer than 65 characters. This is the maximum title length that is visible on most screens.
  • List the most important characteristics at the beginning of the title. Users often skim through product information quickly and do not read it in its entirety.
  • Add a brand name. This is worth doing if you are selling products from different manufacturers and the brand is an important distinguishing feature of the product.

Source: Google Ads Help

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