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Google has started rolling out the May 2022 Core Update

2022 Core Update

Google has begun rolling out an update to its core algorithm, the May 2022 Core Update. The searcher published a message about this on his blog. 

The full rollout of the update will take one to two weeks. 

Core Updates are changes we’re making to improve Search overall and keep up with the changing nature of the web. While these algorithm updates do not have any specific site-specific impacts, these updates can cause noticeable changes in how a site is presented in search, said Danny Sullivan, a Google employee

Thus, the algorithm update is not aimed at anything in particular but aims to improve the Google algorithm as a whole. You can observe the jumps of sites in the issuance in the near future. 

The best way to deal with the impact of updates, according to Google, is to focus on providing users with the best possible content.

Source: Google blog

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