Google Business Profile launches API for Business Calls

Google Company Profile has launched a new business calling API with the awkward name “My Business Business Calls API”.

With it, you can get a history of data on calls. This is the data that is displayed in the Google Business Profile interface in the “Calls” section.

To call the API, Google recommends using the company-provided client libraries.

The functionality of the new API is expected to be expanded in the future. This is only the 1st version.

Other Google Company Profile APIs:

  • Account Management API
  • Business Calls API
  • Lodging API
  • Place Actions API
  • Notifications API
  • Verifications API
  • Business Information API
  • Q&A API

As a reminder, on April 30, 2022, Google will deprecate My Business API and replace it with a federated set of new APIs, each of which will be responsible for a separate function.

Source: Search Engine Land

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