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Google Announces 10 New Features in Search

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At Search On 22, Google announced a number of new features coming to Search and Google services. 

What’s new in Search 

1. Multisearch will become available in new regions 

The multi-search feature allows you to use your phone’s camera to search for images and texts. Multisearch was launched last year for English queries. In the coming months, the feature will begin to support 70 languages. 

2. Multisearch will start supporting local results 

Last year, Google introduced a test version of the “MultiSearch Near Me” feature. At the end of autumn 2022, the option will be launched for English-language requests. With this feature, users will be able to find local results when taking pictures with the camera or uploading images through the gallery. 

3. Google Lens will start translating texts better 

With the Google Lens feature, users can point the camera at text and translate it. The search engine promises that this year it will update the function, thanks to which the quality of translations will become much better. 

4. New shortcuts in the Google app for iOS 

The Google Search app for iOS will be adding new shortcuts to make it easier to search, translate, voice search, and upload screenshots. The new features will only be available to users in the US for now.

5. New opportunities for query refinement 

Google will also introduce new features to refine search queries using auto-suggestions.

In addition, there will be more opportunities to refine the query after receiving the search results.

6. There will be more visual information 

Certain query types (people, animals, plants, etc.) will show more results with images, videos, etc.

7. It will be possible to get more information that is not directly related to the request 

Google will add a new feature that will allow users to scroll to get more results for related queries. The feature will be launched in the coming months for English language requests. 

8. The “Discussions and Forums” section will be launched 

Google will launch a “Discussions and Forums” section in US Search. In it, users will be able to search for information on various platforms where discussions are taking place, for example, Reddit. 

9. Translation of local and international news 

Early next year, Google will begin automatically translating and displaying news items from sites that publish content in other languages. This will allow users to read news from those countries that are discussed in the material.

10. More personalization in the “About this result” feature 

Google will begin showing whether search results are personalized for a particular query, and will also give users the ability to turn off or change personalization.

Source: Search Engine Land

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