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How to Be a Good Tutor in English

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English is a universal language and tutor in English is a profitable job. Every student wants to be perfect in English and want to pronounce the English word perfectly so tutor in English always a demanding profession. For me, English was always an interesting class because I was always wondered how the teachers use to lecture in English with that much clarity and imagination.

So in this modern era, English can be taught in a different way and the technical tools are very useful and attractive. An English teacher can impressively use such tools. A teacher with imaginative skills and ideas will always attract the students. Albert Einstein says that imagination skill is more important than knowledge. So such imaginative power must be adopted in English subject then only we can attract students towards learning English. It’s really challenging to be a private English teacher but we must accept the challenges to be successful.

Encourage interaction

English is mainly about developing interaction skill through the English language. The teacher must help the students and encourage them to develop their own interaction skills and communicative skills. The teacher must give that platform for the students this can be done through role play discussion and mock activities and dramas such activities will make the students more confident and teacher will help them to increase their confidence and their attraction towards the English language.

Use innovative techniques

English teacher must use some innovative techniques in English class. If the teacher follows some old traditional methods in language class it will make them bored and they will feel tired. So to make English class successful teacher must adopt new innovative techniques which will make them interesting and they will show their interest in learning the language. So the English teacher can successfully present his ideas.

Understand student’s problems

As we know that learning English is a difficult part for some students at the same time learning grammar is a very boring task. So the teacher must understand it and should make them understand the grammar by applying certain games and some other activities. So never teach grammar all at sudden only through activity teacher should teach grammar to the students. Provide reading activities as well as writing activities. Through reading, students will gain confidence.

Identify their weakness

English is a language which involves different tasks and different skills. So every teacher especially English teacher must understand and identify the problems of students and should give proper advice and suitable activities related to the activities. If he is not able to read properly ask him to read if his handwriting is not good to ask him to write if he confused about certain letters ask them to write that particular letter so through identifying their problematic area teacher will help students to be perfect in learning the subject.

These are some techniques through which an English teacher will be able to teach the students perfectly. So the teacher must adopt some new skills and ideas to make teaching English interesting.

Abraham Dahl
I am Abraham Dahl, an independent author and as of now working for Clazwork. From the encounters of quite a long while in the written work calling, I am fit to manage scholastic and in addition non-scholarly papers. My aptitudes and ability have helped me a great deal to pick up information in different orders of composing.

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