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Functional Medicine 101: Some Interesting Facts

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Functional medicine just like chiropractic treatment is slowly gaining momentum. The term might seem ambiguous, but the truth is the field is going main-stream surely. It might remain unknown to some, but the research and efforts that are going in for the alternative practices and a drug-free approach will surely make functional medicine the only choice in the future.

A word of warning though, there are several shoddy and duplicitous practices around, so you need to make sure that you are going for an expert and professional service. If you are looking for an expert, look no further than the Active Edge holistic doctors Columbus Ohio.

Before we begin, we need to contrast the traditional medical approach with the more holistic and drug-free functional medicine approach. The conventional mode of disease management is through drugs and hormones for corrective and preventive measures against diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure and cholesterol.

It doesn’t matter whether you visit a specialist or a General Practitioner since the mode of treatment in both the cases is the same; medicines. The truth is, this traditional method of administering drugs works wonder for acute diseases, infections, and trauma but fails in case of the chronic ailments.

So, how does it differ from the traditional model of disease management? In the following section of the article, we will have a look at the various facets of functional medicine to ascertain the value of it over the former.

The following are some of the primary and underlying principles of functional medicine.

1. It treats every individual differently and takes into account the specific needs and requirements of each patient. It addresses the individual and not the disease or the symptoms of one.

2. Contrary to the popular misconceptions, it is scientific, and a lot of research work supports the claims and the modus-operandi for this. Within the human body, there is a complicated network of systems that work together in tandem and functional medicine takes into account this relationship.

3. It allows the body to self-regulate and maintain the balance of all the body systems.

4. The treatment allows the body to heal better and faster to prevent most of the diseases that cause premature aging and deterioration of the overall health.

5. This is adds to the vitality of an individual. It doesn’t just treat the disorder with preventive or corrective therapies.

So, now you know about the apparent differences between the traditional mode of disease management through harmful drugs and medicines with that of the this method of treatment. If you need to find the root cause for an ailment without causing lasting or permanent damage to various other bodily functions, it is the way to go.

Why go for medicine based treatment protocols that will only take into account the symptoms and never deal with the problem at the source? Make sure you call up your expert today and book a consultation.

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