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Best Free Apps for Android Phones

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It’s 2021 and the world is now developing at an escalated rate. The progression of technology has surpassed the human mind in the past decade. Featuring an iPhone in the mid-2000s, was a style statement in the elite classes where the requirement of mobile phones was limited to messaging and calling. However, now, the need for a smartphone is greater than ever. Yes, smartphones are an addiction than landline phones, but, it’s a necessity.

Well, here is the list of Best Free Apps for Android Phones, known commonly as applications that can make your addiction fruitful and turn it into a habit. In this list, I have avoided the preinstalled applications like Google Drive, Google Duo, Google Play Music etc.


WhatsApp was introduced to the world in early 2009 as a standard instant messaging software, which allowed the user to send messages around the world within seconds through the internet.

WhatsApp got popular amongst all the age groups very soon and now, it’s used by over 1.5 billion people. This app now allows voice calls, video calls, exchange of documents, images, videos and even, sharing the live location.

WhatsApp launched their latest product, “WhatsApp for Business” in 2017 that allows a business to hold a business account which permits a company to extend its networking and business growth via WhatsApp.


CamScanner is an application that is very important for all smartphone users. CamScanner is one of the most useful free software available for smartphones. This app is very popular amongst the professionals as it permits the user to click a photo of any document and send it to the respective person using a file sharing method like mail, WhatsApp, Google Drive etc. A must-have application on all mobile phones just like WhatsApp.


A social media application that is specifically designed for mobiles rather than desktops. Instagram is an image/photo sharing platform that allows its users to surf their friends, unknown people, celebrities and personalities where their life is updated regularly. Instagram has got popular with businesses as well as the writer’s community as it permits long captions which can be crispy, enticing and entertaining.


The music industry has seen a huge evolution from the time of its inception. With the introduction of bass and records to cassettes and CDs; it has experienced everything. Now, the current trend is streaming music online.

There are various online streaming websites that allow people to listen to music for free. These have got a lot popular on the smartphones, as the music is stored on a cloud server, mobile memory is not utilized.

Hotstar & Netflix

Entertainment on television is old-fashioned. Although televisions have not lost their popularity, online video streaming portals are getting much popular amongst all the age groups. Two of the best apps in this category are Hotstar, by Star India and Netflix.

Hotstar permits the user to browse through the website and opt for the desired content. Star India perfectly understands the Indian audience’s mindset of giving something for free and charging for the real stuff. Hotstar allows the user to stream some content for free, but for premium content like Game of Thrones (Hotstar exclusive), latest Hollywood films, American Soap Operas etc. there is a subscription fee.

On the other hand, Netflix charges for all the content, without a doubt, the content quality on Netflix is humongous and the choices are endless. The subscription fee on Netflix is the highest compared to all the video/online entertainment streaming platforms. Anyway, it’s a must-have application on your phone.

Amazon Kindle & Prime Apps

Amazon is a world-wide household name when it comes to online shopping. The largest collection, biggest discounts and customer friendly services makes it the most trusted name in India as well. Along with online shopping, Amazon has many other things to offer and cater to the needs of the Indian audience, ranging from music, movies, web series and books. Amazon has everything locked under its belt when it comes to online shopping and entertainment. This collection of apps is a must have for all smartphone users.


SHAREit is a file sharing application specifically designed for smartphones that enable the transfer of files, videos, images, apps etc. via Wi-Fi. Another application that can be seen on the screens of almost all smartphone users.


A photo editing application for smartphones. PicsArt is one of the first photo editor that was available for the users. This smartphone application has developed to an extent, where it can perform all the major tasks of Adobe Photoshop except image cutting and pen tool. This app has transformed over the years from a generic photo editing application to a photo sharing website.

Call Recorder

This app is more of a utility for business and professional work. However, some smartphones have an in-built feature to record a call. This app is available on the app store for a long period, with over 100 million downloads, it is one of the most common apps found on a smartphone.

Google Pay

Google pay is a service by Google for Indian smartphone users which creates a very simple user interface for online payments that can be done using BHIM UPI. Google Pay is not an e-wallet; so, all the transactions are directly processed from the partner bank. This application has a very high level of security that keeps the data safe and sound in encryption.


There are many other e-wallets that can be browsed on Google Play Store, however, these three are the most popular ones. These applications allow the user to send and receive money from one e-wallet to another within seconds. Now, these e-wallets have upgraded to malls, coupon hubs and what not; in short catering to all your needs. Plus, there are amazing discounts and cashback offers for the same.


Truecaller is an application that is designed and crafted in India for the locals. Truecaller is a caller id reader. The functioning of this app is quite unique as it reads the name of an unknown number and displays on the screen. So, the trouble of playing pranks and the need to avoid “promotional calls” is now a lot easier. Truecaller also provides an option to permanently block a contact irrespective of the device.

Along with number identification, Truecaller now serves as a user interface for BHIM UPI too. An all-rounder application that is must for all the smartphone users and not just Android devices.

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