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Get the Most Expected Comfort with Floor Bed

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Before starting anything, let us know what a floor bed is? Now a floor bed is a bed that restricts an individual to fall and cause injury from the bed falls. The height is lowered to a level that is apt to keep your babies or patients. The floor bed is made by the best of technicians to provide that comfort and need of the hour to people who require it.

Features of the floor bed:

The features of the floor bed are as follows:

  • It has got self-help pole bracket.
  • The covers are moulded and come equipped with compact vacuum.
  • There are high-quality electronics that is equipped.
  • The mattress base has a rounded base.
  • Infection is controlled through the wraps that are made of safe flat sheet metal base.
  • The footboard and the bedhead is sealed at the bottom along with ABS for control of infection.

Things that are included:

  • The floor beds come equipped with a bed height where the electricity can be adjusted easily.
  • The backrest can be adjusted through electric.
  • The Trendelenburg tilt can also be adjusted electrically.
  • The column covers are white.
  • For the facility of the patients, using the bed there is a personal push button that is hand controlled.
  • It is equipped with patient lockout swipe key that is magnetic.
  • The colour of the headboard is vintage white.
  • The head and the footboards are easily removable.
  • Its maximum height is 750 mm.
  • It can go to a minimum height of 75 mm.
  • The structural warranty comes for 10 years.
  • The electrical warranty is for 5 years.
  • The platform where the mattress is put can be a frame of your choice and the ideal measurement is 820mm x 1920mm and the breadth of 920 mm is made available on request.

The extras that can be included:

  • Air mattress holder of pump.
  • Buffers can be added for round corners.
  • The extra length of 2030 mm or 2100 mm can be added.
  • The king size single bed comes with a dimension of 1050 mm x 2030 mm.
  • The floor bed can be equipped with a knee bend and foot raise that runs on electricity.
  • It has got the battery back up.
  • The facility of lighting under the bed is also available.
  • The floor bed can be enhanced with CPR and buttons that initiate auto comfort.
  • The touch control pad is built in the foot end column.
  • The floor bed is also equipped with IV holders and pole.
  • The cot can be enhanced with side rails.
  • The floor bed can be folded very easily.
  • The side rails have padded covers, that are best for holding.
  • The foot and the headboards come in various shapes that are available either ion wood grain or in colored laminates.
  • These floor beds do not have bulky end columns that are moving so there is a question of those ends getting jam and causing injury to patients.
  • The movement is easy and the floor beds not being bulky, serves free movement everywhere without the view getting obstructed.

The difference in products:

  • These floor beds are so designed with height columns that are fixed in order to prevent the risks of injury caused to fingers and feet while raising or during lowering the bed.
  • When the platform that holds the mattress is raised, the fixed height of the column in the lower areas remains the same so that there is no obstruction in view of the patients.
  • These floor beds do not raise or lower itself, thus curtailing the risks of damage that is caused to the bed through trapped objects or any injury to visitors or hospital staffs.

Floor bedding sleeping is common in eastern parts of the world especially in Asian countries, people believe that sleeping near the floor gives you a nice and deep sleep, which is good care of health. Your patient can recover soon from the floor bedding options in the hospital. Floor bed reduces the uncomfortable situation for any patient along with the properly sized mattresses. You will be surprised after listening that many people do not sleep on beds, shockingly they are uncomfortable on hospital beds as well, such patient can be handled by floor bed options in your hospital beds. Unique Care advanced floor bedding options with improved quality of life can be suitable for you. Your patient can recover soon from the floor bedding options in the hospital.

Safety features of the bed:

  • The extra curve is designed to the bed heads.
  • The headboard is designed aptly to prevent the risk of hair getting stuck.
  • When the platform of the mattress is raised, the columns at the end remain fixed at the same level and do not obstruct the view of the patient.
  • The mattress base is well ventilated.
  • The safety is so ensured, that there are sealed bases underneath the foot and headboards so that infection can be controlled.
  • The corners are rounded and smoothed at the end of the foot or the frame of the bed.
  • The ABS covers over the match is of compact sanitary grade.

Unique Care is the most wanted place for best quality floor beds. Sleeping on the floor make your patient feel more rested, people who sleep on the floor at their homes might be needing a facility of floor beds in your hospital with more restful sleep. One must take a good sleep and must be energized to get up in the morning fresh fully. It helps snoozing the button of energy in the morning and signals the body to recover as fast as possible. You can shift those patients on the floor beds as well who could not sleep in the night!

Wendy Sheree
Wendy Sheree Owner of Unique Care
Contact Number: (03) 5248 8369
Email ID: office[at]uniquecare.com.au

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