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External links are the best way to get Google to index new content

External links

During the latest Webmaster Hangout, Google spokesman John Mueller said that newly created properties can use Search Console’s URL Inspection tool to request indexing, but it’s best to let Google discover these new URLs from outside links.

According to Mueller, external links are the best way to get Google to index content. However, he added that there is nothing wrong with using the URL Inspection Tool either. If the blog is new, and there is no information about it on external sites, then you should request indexing yourself. However, this is not a guarantee that new URLs will quickly get into the index.

Muller joked that negotiating with the owners of other sites to place a link to your resource would definitely be much more productive than sending Google through the Search Console messages like “I want this URL to be indexed.”

You can listen to this fragment on the video, from the mark of 7:56:

Note that since the beginning of March, some users trying to use the URL Inspection tool through the Search Console or the API. The company is already working on fixing the problem, however, it has not yet been fixed.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

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