Ecological and Evolutionary Ethics of Career and Technical Education

December 18, 2017 by OurNetHelps

In the last few decades, we have witnessed tremendous and astonishing advances in every field and especially in the field of science and technology. This very development in the field of science and technology has resulted in a rapid industrialization all over the world. Along with the development of materialistic developments economic parameters such as gross national product and gross domestic product of both developed as well as developing country have seen a tremendous increase.

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All of these changes in the modern world have surely made our lives easier and comfortable than the lives of our ancestors, but in reality, these very changes have resulted in mountain Everest’s height socio-economic disparities between developed and developing nations. This very socio-economic difference is the sole reason of accentuating and aggravating this world under the demon of social unrest. At present, a condition of hatred and violence, confusion and conflict, rebellion and war has engulfed the world, and all this is the cause of negligence of spirituality and ethical values. It is the main reason because of which integration of spirituality and ethical values in the field of technical education is considered necessary.

It is of great importance to mention here that introduction of ecological and evolutionary ethics in career, and technical education is a necessary ingredient for achieving sustainable development. Without this key ingredient, we will ultimately end up making a huge mess of the world. It is important to understand the prospect of linking ecological and evolutionary ethics in career and technical education for an appropriate response to the sustainable issues.

The first and foremost problem that has raised its head because of industrialization is destabilization of the ecosystem. Know this fact that we and we are talking about human beings can only get the blessings of nature and can have these blessings on the forthcoming generations by giving up the idea of disturbing and ruling the non-biotic and biotic elements of nature. The frequent and common occurrence of the earthquake, unprecedented drought, epidemics, flood and famine is the outcome of humans mishandling of nature.

It will not be easy to make any compromise between ecology and progress. The introduction of ethical value in technical education will ensure proper sustainable development. Professionals belonging to the technical field will have to remember their moral obligation and responsibility towards society. The professional ethical standards of the people from the technical field will have to transcend to the morality that the society can accept, and the environment can adjust to.

The major problem is that all human beings have given their consent for the vigorous progress in the field of science and have allowed our conscious to drive away from our ethics. Human ethics has gone very weak with the development of technology. At last, we would like to say that introduction of sustainable education system teaching the future generation ethics and values are of great importance in the engineering education field as engineering will always affect our lives.

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