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Energy Safety Tips For Homeowners

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We use electricity for almost all the appliances in our homes. The electrical energy is the most used energy in homes and industries. Whether it is cooking, watching TV, playing music, washing machines or charging our phones or laptops, we use electricity for operating all the devices. Electrical energy allows us to live in a high tech world. So it is essential to use the energy safely in our homes and offices.

It is essential to take care of the safety while using the electrical appliances. The incorrect use of electrical energy can cause accidents that may be life-threatening. So it is essential to use the electricity in safe ways for the safety of your family and property. This post shares some of the best energy safety tips:

Annual checkups

It is essential to stay updated on yearly checkups for your home. You should contact an electrician to carry out an electrical inspection every year to check out any imperfections and correct them. It reduces the risks of accidents and electrical fires.

Also, if your home is older than ten years, you should replace the electric wiring of your home as the old electrical installations are not done to tolerate the load of current electrical appliances. With the growth of devices in the houses, the wiring should be replaced to carry the present load.

Never overload your outlets

Every outlet in the homes is designed to deliver a specified amount of voltage and current. Don’t overload it by plugging in multiple devices as overloading caused it to heat which leads to sparks and fire. In case you need to use various devices, consider using a power strip that is specially designed for that purpose. A high-quality power strip can withstand a load of multiple devices without getting burned.

Avoid using extension cords

Using the extension cords can cause the resident to trip-off which can damage the wire or outlet. It is harmful if the cable rips out of the wall or cover. Extension cords can cause tripping and fire hazards, so it is better to use it occasionally or install additional outlets.

Use the MCBs

MCBs are miniature circuit breakers that are installed for the safety of people and appliances. As the load increases on a circuit, the MCB connected to it will trip, which means you have so many devices running on the same circuit. The best solution to overloading is to move the appliances to another circuit. Make sure you do not use more than three devices on a single connection. However, if the MCB trips for no apparent reason, you should contact a professional electrician to check the circuits.

Learn the use of a Fire extinguisher

We see plenty of fire extinguishers in the shopping malls and offices, but most people do not know how to use them. Fire extinguisher comes in handy when there is an unpredictable fire. Electrical equipment can lead to unpredictable fires due to overloading or any other reason. So every person should know how to use a fire extinguisher in case of fire. If you have not installed a fire extinguisher in your home, you should get one now.

Avoid installing lamps over the uneven surfaces

The light bulbs in your house can cause severe fire it not installed with caution. If the holders of the lamps are loose, they can fall on the things below them and start a fire if broken. The bulbs become hot within a few minutes of use, and they can light up anything that comes in contact with them. Moreover, you should not install the light bulbs near the inflammable materials, or place the things like petrol, diesel, kerosene or LPG cylinder under them.

LPG gas

Almost every home uses LPG for cooking which should be appropriately used with caution. LPG safety is necessary for every family and property. The first thing about gas safety is that every family member should know the LPG safety tips and proper method of using it.

The LPG cylinders, gas stove, and its accessories like the gas pipe, and the regulator should be in perfect condition to avoid the chances of leakage. Also, you should place the gas stove and cylinders in a ventilated area, so that the gas finds an easy exit in case of leakage.

Final Words

Electricity and LPG gas are the necessities of every home, but they need to be used with care. They can be harmful to life and property if not used correctly. Every family should study the energy safety tips to know the proper use of electricity, cooking gas and other things that need to be handled and used with extreme care. Following the energy safety tips mentioned in this post can help every person to use the electricity safely and create a safe environment for their family.

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