How Embedding Instagram Feed on Website Effects on the Business

Imagine being on a website that is monotonous and has an unimpressive interface! Would you want to stay on it much longer? No! Isn’t it?

Throughout the years, Instagram has managed to establish itself in almost every sphere of web-usage. Gradually, it has proved to become more like an addiction. People might not be well-acquainted with other social media platforms, but everyone is up-to-date with the concept of Instagram.

A gigantic amount of population is in awe of what it has to offer. It provides you with truckloads of artsy pictures, videos, quotes, filters and much more. Almost everybody, varying from the common man to sportsmen, celebrities, public figures has an Instagram account nowadays.

Instagram has built an impeccable reputation for itself. With a high amount of popularity coming its way, it has transformed itself into a brand, apart from being one of the most notable social media platforms.

Its swift application has made it user-friendly, unique and efficient for promoting business growth.

Embedding Instagram feed on your website enhances your audience-demography and assists you to build brand value.

Here are some of the reasons to validate the fact that embedding Instagram feed on your website affects the business!

1. Expands your Social Media Reach

Instagram feeds are highly responsive. Since it has a large audience to cater to, a lot of people engage in promotions and advertisements based on Instagram. Statistically, they react to it more than they do on monotonous websites.

When you embed an Instagram feed on your website, you direct a huge amount of spectators to your brand. This is the audience that already engages with your content reflecting on Instagram. In return, you promote your own brand.

Your social media reach also expands when you display user-generated content, which people absolutely love! This is because it validates your originality and relevance, and the user is able to relate to it.

You can also promote your brand on Instagram, and mention direct links to your websites through your Instagram feeds. Hence, when people watch your brand time and again, they are compelled to hover to your website. Ultimately, this boosts your customer base.

The more you publicize your brand, the more you expand your viewership. This way, you give your customers way more medium to approach and interact with you.

2. Showcase User-generated Content

User-generated content is an effective asset to promote business growth. Consumers have a mutual belief in UGC as compared to advertisements. They seek experiences, thoughts and find refuge in them.

This content plays a major role in building a stronger brand image as it is capable of influencing more users. UGC helps to create a community in which people can count on one another virtually.

It is obvious that when people engage with a brand, reviews from the fellow customers displayed through the embedded Instagram posts on the website motivate them to make a certain buying decision in your favor, which works best; both for them and the e-commerce website. This way, both parties benefit from it. It also increases conversion-rate.

It is a well-known fact that UGC marketing beats traditional means of marketing. It also improves SEO ranking.

Because people find user-generated content credible, they trust your website to be authentic. Hence, they interact with you on a regular basis. This boosts social-media metrics and accelerates business growth.

3. Adds more vibrancy to your website

Instagram feeds can be catchy and visually-pleasing. They add good quality content to your website and make it more appealing.

What can be better than a colorful and systematic theme that enhances your website? These feeds make your webpages more defined and structured. You can customize them according to your requirements and you’re good to go.

An attractive website with good quality content is what catches the user’s eye. People tend to visit websites which are beautified and abstract. Embedding Instagram feeds on your website enhances its overall appearance.

You have several options to choose from, to set favorable themes which will strengthen your interface; in terms of overall outlook.

Instagram has a lot of creative potential and room for making artistic changes. You can play with the grid, set a tone to your feed, add filters, edit and omit however you wish to. The duality of this lies in the fact that this way, you beautify both; your embedded Instagram feed and your website.  

4. Helps you build a strong User-trust

People cling onto what they see, and they tend to trust others who appear the same to them. They love user-generated content and reviews. Embedding such content from Instagram feeds to your website validates your authenticity.

Your brand-value increases and your content becomes more rational. Websites which embed user-generated content are able to build social influence as well as customers spread word about the brand to their peers.

When people see authentic content on Instagram feeds, they feel secure in interacting with the brand. Also, it helps them to connect with the brand and other users globally.

Instagram is considered as a reliable source of information. Hence, when people view it on websites, they feel a sense of satisfaction and are capable of building mutual trust with the fellow brand.

5. Improves Dwell-Time

We already know that the usage of Instagram is habit-forming. People are so dependent on it that they keep scrolling all day long! They just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Embedding Instagram feeds on your websites ensures that the user is engaging with your brand on a regular basis.

Provided, the content is meaningful and eye-catching to them, they get addicted and keep surfing through your website. This boosts up your visitor-engagement and your brand gets more recognized.

Also, it is a smart tactic of marketing as people tend to want to be on your website by seeing other’s content go up. This motivates them to engage themselves in similar content, and hence spreading more information about your brand.

This way, you can leverage your social influence. Lately, this has become a trend amongst many social media influencers, bloggers, photographers, travel enthusiasts.  


These are some of the reasons why you should embed Instagram feeds to your websites.

So, what are you waiting for?  Start embedding and reap effective results! 

I’m Anne Griffin and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

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