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Easy Recipe To Revive Dry Or Sun Damaged Hair

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So it’s summertime and you are enjoying the cool breeze along with the scorching heat of the sun on the beach.  You put on some sunscreen to protect your skin from damage, but did you ever stop and wonder, “Should you also be protecting your hair from the sun?”

The major vitamin you get from the sun is certainly Vitamin D, which is also necessary for hair growth. But too much exposure to it can cause very serious damage.

So… Is the sun good or bad for your hair? Research says that the sun provides all the nutrients your hair and body needs to sustain a complete hair and skin growth cycle.  Your body produces natural Vitamin D especially when exposed to sunlight, but too much of the sun’s contact on hair and scalp is probably the most frequent cause of hair structural impairment.

Why is sunlight good for your hair? 

As the body needs consistent exposure to the environment, sunlight is also necessary for hair growth and rejuvenation. A good amount of sunlight produces certain chemicals that are not only important for your hair and skin, but also relevant to keep the body pumped up as you face the day.

Sun exposure also uplifts your mood, and as such, minimizes the possibility of creating more stress hormones that are often the culprit of modern day health problems.

Moreover, a constantly stressful lifestyle adds up age to your appearance, making your skin looking dehydrated and your hair dull and frizzy. As such, a sunny day can make you up and jumping, and can also literally make your hair and skin glow.

Why is the sun bad for your hair?

Excessive exposure to UV rays is the most frequent cause of structural damage of the hair shaft; the part of your hair that sticks out of your skin from the follicle (scalp).    Symptoms such as weak and dull looking hair can become noticeable.  Too much sun rays depletes the protein and pigment and can even lead to hair moisture and nutrient loss; leaving it drier, frizzier and rougher in texture.

How can you protect your hair from the sun?

Sure, you can protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreen; but how do you protect your hair?  Here are a few things you can do to keep your hair healthy:

1. Wear a hat:

This is not a surprise.  Cover up your hair and scalp with a hat is the simplest way to protect your hair from the sun.

2. Stick to the shade when possible:

It does protect your hair from the sun but doesn’t get the necessary Vitamin D it needs.

3. Avoid the sun from 10 am to 4 pm:

During this time, the rays are the strongest.  The stronger the rays the more damage it gives to your hair.

How to Reverse Sun Damage to your Hair?

Symptoms of a damaged hair can easily be recognized; according to Dr. Alan Parks, “The easiest way to tell is if it’s become dry or brittle after exposure.”  Often, dark hair becomes lighter if it received too much exposure to the sun. This phenomenon can be cited as aesthetically pleasant, for it is like giving your hair a tan.

However, it’s actually more like a burn—it’s a sign of discoloration, lack of moisture and dehydration from overexposure; simple as like your dying or bleaching your hair.  It becomes brittle and dull. And although Western culture gives much appreciation for lighter hair pigmentation, this beauty misconception compromises both the quality of your hair and scalp.

If you are worrying too much about hair damage, fortunately, the hair follicle itself is deep enough under the surface of the skin that it cannot be damaged by sunburn to the scalp.  Just give it a month or two, focusing on it primarily giving attention to it and your follicle will certainly produce healthy hair cells.  Here are the best ways to repair sun-damaged hair:

1. Use Hair Mask:

Have you ever been to a parlor and did a face mask and a hair mask?  It doesn’t make a big difference.  Face mask deeply cleanse your pores and clears complexions, so does hair mask; it cleanse your scalp putting back moisture into your hair follicle, thus, restoring natural shine and strengthen every strand.   It’s very simple; Hair mask is basically applied for 2-3 minutes instead of using a conditioner, and then rinse it out.

2. Shampoo Less:

Sun breaks down your hair, so do shampoo. Hair doesn’t get dirty every day.  You can certainly get by with rinses and conditioner most of the time.  Remember that your scalp also has their nutrients that hold your hair down.  Remember that your scalp has more nutrients (can dry up or absorbed into thin air if exposed in the sun) and shampooing removes all of these causing irritation and further drying out (and probably peeling) off your scalp.

3. Mega Conditioners:

Research has recognized that used of the best hair growth conditioner, every day gives your hair moisture and nutrients.  The Sun (as well as shampoos) will strip off all of those things.  That is why the last thing you want to do in the shower is to always condition your hair since it allows the hair to retain the vitamins and proteins you fed on it.

4. Cover your damaged hair:

Your hair is already damaged from the sun exposure.  The last thing you want to do is to aggravate the situation.  Give your hair a time to recover, so if you are planning to go outside the sun again, grab a hat.  It will serve your hair’s shield against the sun.

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