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6 Drinks That Must Be Tried In Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is an amazing city in the Netherlands and is much visited by tourists every year. Apart from the usual sights of the city both food as well as the drinks from the city are much famous. Here are a few drinks that you should try while you are on a trip to Amsterdam.

Verse Muntthee

Verse Muntthee is your regular fresh mint tea with a tinge of dutch touch in it. This one is not a traditional Dutch drink but is served in most of the restaurants of Amsterdam and is a safe option if you are not willing to experiment much with the food and the drinks. A lot of people actually order this warm drink with their meals. While preparing verse muntthee, a handful of the fresh tea springs are used to dunk inside the water which is usually steaming hot.


A dutch likeur is an alcoholic beverage and is extremely famous in the city. Some extremely expensive fruits, vegetables, and spices are used for the preparation of this high-end Dutch drink. Very few people who are actually wealthy are able to afford this drink. Likeurs are generally poured into a vessel which is usually tulip shaped and is filled up to the brim. Duindoorn is a famous type of dutch likeur.

Dutch Beer

The first thing that usually pops up is the beer when you visit Amsterdam. You will find all the regular beers that are served around the world like Heineken. Apart from that some traditional dutch beers that you must try when in Amsterdam are witbier and bokbier. The bokbier is a traditional and a special type of beer served in the city.


Chocomel is the regular chocolate milk and is much ordered in the Netherlands. You can anytime order a cup of hot chocolate milk for yourself. Chocolate milk usually comes with a brand name of chocomel and is a must to try when you are in Amsterdam. There are multiple versions of chocomel and flavours as well from which you can choose.

Koffie Verkeerd

Koffie Verkeerd is a regular cafe latte but with a dutch touch to it. A koffie verkeerd is a hot cup of cafe latte which is usually served loads of warm milk. The literal translation of koffie Verkeerd is “wrong coffee” as the regular coffee comes with a bit dash of milk but this coffee comes in a 50/50 ratio.


Jenever is a very popular and traditional drink consumed in part of Amsterdam. It was consumed by the soldiers when they were about to proceed in a battle. In modern times, this drink is recreated to the modern day jenever. It is generally distilled from the regular grains and is flavored with the berries of juniper.

Amsterdam is a very good place for exploring some of the finest food items and drinks. Some of the above-mentioned drinks from the city are the best and the must-try drinks from the city. In order to visit any bar or restaurant, you can use amsterdam airport transfers for the purpose of traveling.

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