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Why Dogs Are Helpful to Humans Mental and Physical Health

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“A sound mind in a sound body.” You might have encountered this as an excerpt from the old Greek proverbs, yet it certainly suggests a sensible meaning. A meaning directed towards attaining a healthy way of living. This also stresses the importance of a body free from any infirmities and a mind capable of thinking positively. However, not everyone can greatly achieve a sound mind in a healthy body because of factors affecting the changes in lifestyle and food intake. Though there may be some remedies and intervention to make it possible, the path is seemingly challenging. Good thing that you don’t have to find elsewhere. All you might ever need is a pet prescription: a way of improving your lifestyle and health through the help of your pet companion. You might avoid getting a dog as a pet because of the problems such as allergies or dog ear infections they might bring. However, your dog as the best buddy provides you an enormous advantage to your physical and mental health, no matter what.

To discover more about it, we have enumerated some reasons on why dogs are incredibly helpful to your goal of achieving a healthy mind and sound body.

Dogs are amazing exercise partners.

It is no longer a surprise how your Fido can make you physically fit and active. Your four-legged companion is an excellent exercise buddy who can save you from the harmful effects of sedentary lifestyle. Dogs would usually demand to stroll around the neighborhood or play outside. This is their natural behavior. Having an active dog would require you to get up from bed early in the morning, go on a morning walk outside for fresh air or healthy sun exposure, and move your bones and muscles. The more you follow the routine pet exercises every day, the more you increase the physical activities. This type of routine will also build a better metabolism and immune system. So, the next time your Fido wants to play around, don’t ever think twice to participate.

Your Fido stimulates oxytocin level in the body.

Dogs have an indirect impact on certain chemicals inside our body, especially in our brain. Interacting with dogs would stimulate the release of “cuddle hormones” or oxytocin in our nervous system. This hormone is not only significant in solidifying relationship or attachment, but it also functions to relax and soothe our brain. The greater the number of oxytocin levels released in our brain, the more comfortable and relaxed you become in dealing with stress and interacting with other people. Just imagine how you can be less stressful with the help your Fido.

Pet dogs can improve your cardiovascular condition.

You may not want to miss out the advantage of owning a dog to your heart. Many studies have presented the positive impact of having dogs at home in reducing the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions. Petting or caressing a dog triggers the release of another hormone in the body called endorphins. Endorphins or “happy hormones” are naturally-produced neurotransmitters which contribute to important biological processes to reduce blood pressure and improve heart rate. Combined this effect with physical exercise and you may expect a lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body. Sounds like a natural way of getting a healthy heart then.

Your canine companion can strengthen your immune response.

Did you know that humans exposed to dogs at the early stage of their life are less likely to develop respiratory infections and allergic reactions? It is reported that babies in the first 6 months of their life were able to adapt in such an environment, thus strengthens their resistance toward certain allergies. This kind of adaptation improves their immune response which is beneficial to achieve a healthy body.

Dogs are natural stress relievers.

Have you noticed that you feel relaxed and happy every time you interact with your dogs? It would probably be the effects of “happy hormones” in your body. Remember that caressing or petting your furry companion is another way to relieve the daily dose of stress you’re getting. Your Fido is a natural stress soother. Being around with dogs creates a calming effect in your body which makes you happier and more comfortable to deal with pain and tension. Dogs divert your attention from your problems which allows you to be in the moment instead.

Your Fido enhances your mood and coping skills.

Your canine companion can be the source of entertainment and laughter every day. You must admit that they bring a smile in everyone’s faces. This unique characteristic of dogs produces mood-enhancing effects to you and anyone in your family. Some studies reported the benefits of dogs in the case of depression and anxiety. When you are not in the mood or feeling weary, your Fido can help you stabilize your emotions. Remember that they are always ready to provide a non-judgmental and unconditional love even during the depressive stage of life. Interacting with dogs can soothe and relax your brain, thus improves your coping skills and emotional well-being.

Final Thoughts

We are pretty sure that there are more benefits of owning a dog to your physical and mental health. The more you interact and play with them, the more you discover the reasons why dogs are not just “man’s best friends” but rather a part of the family that brings comfort, unconditional love, and protection. Your Fido is more than just a four-legged creature, but a constant companion to help you achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Maria Harutyunian
Maria Harutyunian is the PR team lead at Vet Organics. She writes about dogs and pets, in general, to help pet owners like her take better care of their furry family members.

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