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How to Choose the Right Doctor for Cancer Care

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What could be harder to face when you see the reports which say that you are suffering from cancer! Cancer has become the second highest threatening disease in India which reported 0.3 million deaths per year. One of the major cause behind the maximum deaths due to cancer in India is lack of proper treatment.

Cancer is a deadly disease therefore proper treatment from an experienced doctor or oncologist is important. There are many doctors in India which are giving the best possible treatment of cancer. But the question arises how to choose the best cancer doctor. What should we look for in a doctor?

Here we have prepared an article which can help you in finding the right doctor to treat your cancer. Have a look at the below-given points.

1. Type of Cancer

Often people after knowing about cancer tempted to rush so that their treatment can start as soon as possible. But remember, every cancer specialist has his own specialty. Some might have gained specialty in treating gynecological cancers such as cervical cancer, Uterine cancer, Ovarian cancer etc while others have successfully treated a number of blood cancer patients.

The reason behind choosing a specialist is when a doctor practice in a particular area for a number of years, the chances of survival of his patient increases due to his experience in that field.

So, this is an important factor which you should consider while choosing the right doctor for your cancer treatment.

2. Experience

Cancer is not like a cold where we can change the doctor after some time if we do not satisfied with the cancer treatment. A single mistake can cost your life, therefore, you need a doctor which has experience of multiple years in treating your cancer type. You can inquire in usually how much gap they give the type of treatment which you need or how many treatments they have given till now and also their success rate.

3. Certified Doctor

You can also look for a Board certified doctor. It does not mean that you have to look for a board-certified doctor only. Every oncologist is not board certified but still, many of them prefer to get certified in at least one specialty area.

Certified Doctors has been given an extra training in that particular area which helps them to understand the disease in depth. Their certificate is proof that they have passed an extra certification test and this is not a one time course. Certified doctors could not be unaware of the advances and changes in their specialty area to keep them certified.

4. Health Insurance

Everyone knows that cancer treatment is not cost effective. Therefore, it’s better to cover the cancer treatment with the health insurance plan. You can talk to your doctor in your first-second visit or the staff available at his hospital in regard to the health plan. The reason behind asking this question is that insurance do not cover each and every charge of your treatment and also some plans do not cover the particular hospitals.

Hence, you should confirm this question either by your doctor or the staff that whether their insurance plan is acceptable at their hospital or not.

5. Comfort with the Doctor

It is essential that doctor you are choosing makes you feel comfortable. Gender, language, time, behavior can be the important factors in deciding the comfort level. Some ladies do not get comfortable in treating their gynecological cancers from the male doctors. Some doctors also do not solve the queries of their patients properly due to the lack of time, this makes the patient feel uncomfortable.

Cancer does not give only a physical stress to the patient but it also disturbs them emotionally. A doctor should be able to provide the value to a cancer patient. They can make the patient live longer with their positive words. Hence, look for a doctor with whom you feel comfortable.

Other Points

Besides the above-given suggestion, you should also ask these questions while choosing a doctor for treating your cancer:

  1. Ask the doctors/staff about the office hours.
  2. Ask will you get any treatment if any needed at weekends or after visiting hours.
  3. Talk about the doctors will take care of yours when your doctor is not available.
  4. You can also ask about the team will be there during your treatment.
  5. Talk your doctor for the treatment options and let your preference know him.
  6. Talk about the after side effects of the treatment.
  7. Observe, whether the doctor is comfortable in giving your answers.

These are some of the tips which everyone must consider while choosing the right doctor for Cancer Care. It is possible that every point mention here does not found in your doctor but the majority of points should be there. Hope you found this article helpful.

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