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How to Improve Your Website Performance with Dedicated Server

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You have been working for a long time on an emerging website, you are only receiving couple hundred views each month. You are now having three hundred blog posts and 50 monster pages on the way to get the millions of hits each month and not to exaggerate you expect a good engagement in the content. But, for all of this to happen you require a better hosting plan than the server hosting you had in the past.

A much better hosting plan capable to cope with high traffic and speed is a better server. More precisely it has to be a dedicated server that will help you to secure all the data that has the capability to handle the increased traffic and demand for speed. A hosting that does not have the interference of others is the most secure hosting. This capability of dedicated hosting servers is well celebrated!

How dedicated server hosting makes the difference!

Now, how will you decide whether you should have a dedicated server hosting or not? It’s quite simple. If you are having a rapidly growing website and/or your website has a lot of multimedia content that the users consume online, you need a hosting that has the maximum bandwidth and data transfer. In the cause of shared or a VPS server the data, bandwidth and the CPU and everything is shared among several webmasters.

One physical server is shared by many websites which utilize the server resources in common. The sharing of the resources can limit your resources and your growing website can suffer problems like slow loading and data insufficiency. This sharing of the server also makes your data susceptible to getting leaked and eventually going into wrong hands. Simply stated, your website security is at risk and you need to be as secure a possible when you have a growing site. This is not the case with dedicated servers.

A dedicated server is a server that is fully owned by you and there is no sharing of resources that could cause problems to your websites like slow loading and server choking. There is also no risk of your data being accessed for unethical purposes because the sole owner of the server is you and unlike shared or VPS servers only you have the access to your site data.

Now, choosing the right of dedicated server hosting for your site is important. It is really a good thing to do because you get optimized hosting that can save you a lot of headaches. Almost all the big businesses in the world use the dedicated servers for better control and flexibility. This way you can get more improvement in your site performance and the total security of the site.

The dedicated server will be a hardware storage device that the hosting provider will give you on a lease. The server has its own processor, Random Access Memory, hard drives, and bandwidth capacity. The software that your website uses is hosted on the dedicated server’s hard drive. The dedicated web hosting allows the user to install and run all the programs that the server offers. They only allow users whom you have given the access to connect to the server. This feature has made dedicated servers very popular among the online gamers. The dedicated servers that are used for playing online games offer similar features of the regular dedicated servers available in the market, except they offer high and unmetered bandwidth servers.

There are various benefits of using the dedicated server hosting. They are reliable, they are customizable, and they are cost-effective and promise website security.

Now, the question is how can you choose the best dedicated server?

There are various points to consider while choosing a dedicated server hosting. The first thing that you must consider is the server’s processor and this mainly depends on the type of site that you are having. The websites that require powerful servers do have the virtualization servers, SQL servers, and much more. The next thing to consider is the memory that you need for the website. Before you choose the server, the user should know the memory capacity of the website that he is having. With increasing content the memory requirement will increase and the server should be able to handle the increase in the data. The third thing to consider is the data transfer and bandwidth. The more they are the better it is.

Bottom line:

High website performance and server data security are the main things that need to be looked upon by every growing webmaster and dedicated servers are proven to be the best to provide you these things. With dedicated server hosting your website is able to handle almost everything.

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