30 Creative Marketing Ideas That Help Drive Sales and Profit

December 28, 2016 by OurNetHelps

It’s time to discover even more marketing ideas that you can implement into your business in order to close more deals. Remember, successful marketing will take some time as well as some experimenting, so don’t be afraid to just start somewhere and keep going until you’ve found the ultimate formula.

Here is the list of 30 creative marketing ideas that help drive sales and profit.

1. Put your social media handle on everything business cards, advertisements, handouts and even at the end of any videos you make. The more you can spread your handles, the more likely it will be that people look at your social media platforms and follow you.

2. Use popular, themed hashtags such as #ournethelps to engage with your audience. Trending hashtags are the best to aim for because those are what people are actively searching for. The more popular the hashtag, the more likely you are to achieve audience engagement.

3. Use plenty of visuals in your marketing campaigns and always link them to your home website to drive traffic and boost sales.

4. Keep an eye on the social media websites of your competitors. Watching them can give you some great ideas.

5. Don’t forget about offline marketing tactics such as sales letters, newspaper ads, brochures and even billboards. Not everyone is always online and some people may not even have access to a computer, so these types of marketing are still valuable.

6. On social media, host photo and video contests. This is a good way to increase audience engagement by letting people share a part of their own lives while also engaging with you.

7. Ask your audience for opinions and allow them to cast votes, either online (the most popular and easy way) or offline in a mailed survey. This can help make your consumers feel like their opinion matters and that can help build trust. It can also give you great ideas on how you can improve your product or service.

8. Another good idea is to hold caption contests online. This can allow your audience to get creative and share their ideas with you. It also helps attract more people to your page to read the various captions.

9. If possible, hold a giveaway event every so often where you randomly give away your product or service for free to a lucky winner. This is a good way to get the word out about your business and instead of monetary compensation, you could get a good review and that person can potentially spread the word about you.

10. Cross market on all social media platforms that you have. A good idea is to link them all together using a third-party software and post directly from that platform. Different people use different platforms so the more you post on each one, the more people you can reach.

11. Study your audience. Get inside of their head. Figure out what words, phrases, and visuals you need to use to capture their attention and make them interested in you. This is the best way to make sure that you stay on top in your industry.

12. Create your own infographics and pass them around online. Not only are infographics informative but they also serve as shareable content.

13. Learn how to properly set up your website to attract the most people. Make sure you use big headings to catch your readers’ eyes and post helpful testimonials that will make consumers feel more comfortable buying from you. Don’t forget to make your contact information available and easy to find. Including a “call to action” can also be helpful for motivating buyers.

14. Strategically use statistics in your marketing tactics. Consumers trust in statistics and they can really influence whether or not someone buys your product or service. For example, if you’re selling a product that could benefit senior citizens, try to find a statistic that can go with it. For example, if you’re marketing a blender to senior citizens, try to find a statistic that says something like “85% of senior citizens state that meal time is easier when they make smoothies.”

15. If you’re an expert in your field, make it known! Show how well you know your industry by talking about it in detail, setting up a specific blog for it, post articles, statistics, etc. When consumers can tell that you know what you’re talking about, it makes you come off as trusting and professional. They will feel more comfortable in how you stand in your industry.

16. Write helpful articles or blogs (or at least have a ghostwriter write them for you). This is a great way to help you come off as an expert in your field. For example, if you’re selling a special kind of blender, you could provide articles on smoothie recipes, how to articles on how to clean and care for blenders, etc. Always write your articles in a fashion that will inform and help your audience and always make it about your product or service.

17. If you’re selling multiple but similar products, make sure you include a product comparison chart on your website or sales brochure. This can answer any questions that consumers may have and help them decide which product to buy. If you don’t offer a comparison, you may actually overwhelm your consumer with decisions and they might decide to buy from a different business.

18. Link your content together. For example, if you have multiple articles, link to another, related article at the bottom. This can encourage your consumers to read on and learn more about you and your product or service. A good and easy way to do this is to write something like, “Click here to read more about [insert topic here].”

19. If you’re looking to build your email list, find a program that allows a pop-up to appear on your website asking consumers to join your newsletter or email list. This idea can often be controversial, as many people find those pop-ups annoying, but the research shows that they don’t hurt sales and they dramatically help in building your mailing list.

20. Write (or get a ghostwriter to write) an eBook related to your industry or product/service and offer it to your consumers. You can give it away for free to try and build your email list or to get consumers excited about your business. You could also give it away with a purchase or just sell it on its own. Consumers like getting informative freebies and they often like to read more on what they’re getting and an ebook can be a great way to get that information through to them. If you sell it, it also serves as an additional source of income.

21. Write articles that are aimed toward beginners or newbies. These articles can be very informative and give your consumer more information, thus answering any frequently asked questions they may have. It can ease the level of trust and comfort they have with your business and it may increase the chances of a sale. Not many businesses do this so it is definitely a great idea to follow-up on.

22. Make sure your articles and other written content are worthy of reading. Material that is quickly thrown together, unedited or too vague often gets trashy reviews and it doesn’t make you appear professional. If writing is your weak spot, invest in a ghostwriter or a professional editor. It will be well worth the money. All too often a consumer says, “If their writing is this bad, imagine how bad their product or service is!”

23. Let your personality shine through in all of your content videos, articles, etc. Don’t make yourself sound like a textbook. Try to be conversational, friendly and engaging. You are twice as likely to hold readers’ and watchers’ attention. Pretend that you’re in a college lecturer who would you rather listen to, the monotone professor or the one who is walking back and forth, changing their tone, using gestures, etc.?

24. To reach even more consumers, experiment with recording a podcast. Podcasts are perfect for people who are always on the road. Offer your podcasts as free downloads so they can listen to your podcast in their car.

25. Don’t be afraid to collaborate with other people in your industry. At first it may feel like you’re just giving your business away for free, but in reality, it can actually drive your sales high. For example, I know a freelance writer who is very popular and in demand but she only has enough time to take on a few clients at a time. She likes to keep a few other writer contacts in her book so that she can refer them to anyone who comes to her with a job that she can’t take. It sounds like losing business, but it can actually be a great relationship builder because when those writers can’t take on a job, they refer clients to her.

You can also exchange knowledge with other people in your industry as well. If both people are acting in good faith, then this can really help your business out in a variety of ways! You can even form a small group of people, known as the mastermind group, to keep each other accountable and to exchange ideas and experiences. You will be much more effective working as a group then you will be all by yourself.

26. Create a schedule for posting your content and make it consistent. Do not post everything at once or you can overwhelm or bore your consumers. Keep it fresh and not too often. One good idea is to make a new blog post once a week or even once a month. If you build up a following, those followers will catch on to your schedule and know when to check back for new content.

27. Make sure your website is optimized for mobility. Many consumers surf the web on their phones now and if a website is not optimized for the tiny screen, it can cause you to miss out on traffic. It can be a little expensive to do this sometimes, but well worth it in the long term!

28. Study other businesses that are successful and use them as your model. Don’t copy their style or content but try to find a pattern that they use and see if you can emulate that. If that business is successful with it, odds are, you can be too. It also can help you find the inspiration for new ideas.

29. Pay close attention to the headlines and titles you use on your blogs and articles. Take the time to come up with good ones that catch attention and really stand out.

30. Establish a strong customer service department and emphasize that to your consumers. Think back to the last time you dealt with a company that had poor customer service: how frustrated were you? You probably swore up and down that you’d never buy from them again. Don’t let that happen to you! Consumers really do appreciate genuine customer service.

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