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How to Make a Content Plan for a Blog Having Low Traffic

It is very common that at times your blog gets very little or no interaction at all. This situation may seem disappointing.

Every problem has a solution. And so there is for this issue. 

First of all, you need to have a thoughtful and fool-proof content marketing plan. You can make a content calendar for one year. If this seems too hard to plan, you can make a weekly calendar too. 

Planning a variety of content as well as targeting different channels for your subject will help you supply a variety of content. Moreover, you can target non-identical groups of the target audience when you focus on a variety of topics rather than going around the same topics. 

With content marketing, businesses can earn new-leads and increase website traffic. Not only this but also it is a reliable and cost-effective tool of online marketing in today’s online network of businesses and customers. 

As per a survey, 92% of marketers reported content marketing as an asset for their business. However, a majority of marketers face challenges in getting data and planning a strategy for content creation. 

This article will help you to curate a content marketing strategy and show how to include fresh topics in the plan. 

Set your goal

To plan a content calendar, start with determining the end-goal that you want to achieve with it. These are some of the possible goals that businesses expect to achieve:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Brand awareness
  • Educate clients and potential clients about your services
  • Increase footfalls in the shop or office
  • Reach foreign audience (that is out of the local area)
  • Get new sales leads
  • Send updates about your achievements

Quality and purpose-driven content showcase the company’s expertise. And when readers find blogs to be useful to them, they will look at the writer. Noticing a particular company’s blogs consistently on various sites, viewers start to trust them which increases credibility for the brand.

Take Neil Patel as an example, he is everywhere! Which makes him quite trustworthy in his niche. 

With content marketing, you can educate or even persuade potential clients without them realizing it. Besides, you can solve customer queries that you hear in the comments, emails, phone calls as well as social media. They can help you plan content for the future that replies to frequently asked questions. 

With such blogs, you can provide tips for health problems, technical issues, marketing insight, financial crisis, and just about any common issue faced by your target audience. This portrays that you care about people. 

And people want to interact with brands that care rather than a feelingless corporation regardless of however big of an industry giant it may be. 

Learn what hurdles the purchasing decision of people. By using creative ways to demonstrate how your offerings have effectively made life easier for previous buyers, you can convince those that have doubts about your products. 

Thus, increasing sales leads and building a loyal customer clans. 

Improving the website or blog’s domain authority with the backlinks is another major goal that can be achieved.

These content-types support link building:

  1. Infographic
  2. Tools
  3. Tutorials
  4. Surveys
  5. Expert opinions
  6. Trends 
  7. Guest post

In regards to SEO, search engines look for articles that provide valuable information to internet users. So, when readers consider your content as helpful only then will the search engines consider you important and reliable. 

After you have set your goals, move on to market research. 

Market research

To decide the topic for your articles, it is crucial that you know who is going to read them. When you are familiar with the target audience, you can predict their requirements and interests. This data will help you to create fruitful content that drives results in the form of traffic, engagement, and sales leads.

Learn who will be your ideal buyers, what they need, how often will they purchase. To define the target persona, you must know these factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Location
  • Job title
  • Income
  • Challenges faced

These are some of the most important traits among many factors that define a target group. Make use of these personas as a guideline to create an outline for your content. 

When you are familiar with consumer behaviors, you can fill in the content gaps that are left by the competitors. 

Now, move on to the keyword research part.

Keyword research

This aspect is a foundation for all digital marketing practices including content marketing. With keyword research, content writers can gain information on the search behavior of the audience.

It is essential to know or at least be able to predict:

  • What is most searched for?
  • What topics are not yet covered?
  • Keywords for which content has not been created

With a keyword research tool, you can know where to get search traffic. By finding the right keywords to include in the text body, you can increase the online traffic in addition to amplifying the sales profit.

Choose long-tail and ever-green keywords so that your posts do not become irrelevant with time. Long-tail keywords help search engines get more refined results and help them identify the focus of your content better. 

Draft your heading such that they include relevant keywords. But be sure to logically place them rather than just stuffing keywords meaninglessly. Keyword stuffing gives a red signal to search engines and falls under black hat SEO (consider it illegal). 

However, you can use some focus works as anchor text in your guest posts. This way you can get backlinks for the words of your choice.

Once you are aware of the important audience and keywords you can prepare a planner. 

Create a content calendar

Failing to get new topics to write on? Creating a calendar ahead can help you cover articles related to important events related to your industry. It is important for a digital marketing agency to cover blogs on recent social media trends or social festivals, for example.

With a content calendar, you will never miss covering such important events that are important for your business. This is possible only with advanced planning.

Also, it can help you keep variety in your articles. If you only cover promotional blogs, the readers will find you BORING! And eventually, start to ignore you. That would not be nice. So, you must focus on other content categories like:

  • New industry trends
  • User-generated content
  • Responses to questions
  • Tutorials

Apart from all these benefits, making a calendar can save time for you. You do not need to be constantly checking the events. You can share this with your coworkers and assign them future tasks so they can manage their time too. 

Blogs written while getting very near to deadlines are only written for the sake of it. The quality here is awful. Forcing the staff to write because you are too busy will also give you hideous content. So, it is better to plan beforehand and distribute it evenly.

To make a content calendar:

  • Make a list of types of content you will cover
  • Color code each type so it is easy to navigate
  • Find out important upcoming events for topic ideas
  • Decide the best times that you can promote the content

Now, the writing part becomes hassle-free and you will never run out of topic ideas.


For successful outcomes from the published content, it is necessary that you are aware of the interactions happening as well as respond to them immediately.

This process of monitoring engagements is known as listening. Review the comments on the blogs. Check comments on your own blog and your guest posts. By looking at the questions your readers have, you can plan blogs providing answers. 


Bring your blog back to life with these tips. The key here is planning. It is wisely said: “failing to plan means planning to fail

Krunal Soni is the founder and CEO of Thrillax Private Limited, a digital marketing company. He holds expertise in diverse fields. His 15+ year spree in this field has earned him clients, and their faith in his tactics. His intelligent strategies have put Thrillax among the leaders of Digital Marketing as per the Clutch report of 2019. A systematic approach, transparent processes and friendly mentoring have allowed him to prioritize and manage a work-life balance.
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