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A Proper Way On Cleaning Old Wood Furniture In Your Home

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Having an old furniture could make your home become more unique. However, this old wood furniture is already unique. The uniqueness also brings some other price for you. You are in a charge of cleaning old wood furniture by having one of this. It would make your old wood furniture looks more elegant and unique. You may think that cleaning it is really hard. However, you can always do it by yourself. Moreover, it is simpler than you think.

Have a paint thinner

The first step of cleaning this old furniture is removing some old waxes from the furniture. There are some cleaner that can do this well. However, there must be another option. You can use a paint thinner to clean those wax away. You can use a steel wool pad with it then rub the furniture in a circular motion. It could make the wax loosen up. Thus, it would be easy for you to clean up the rest. However, you must remember not too hard in rubbing it. It could damage the furniture and you do not want it to happen.

Some dishwashing liquid

After having the old furniture rubbed with the thinner, now it is time to make it shiny. You can use dishwashing liquid for cleaning old wood furniture. Mix it with a warm water and put a soft cloth in it. With the damp cloth, you can clean the residue from those wax. Moreover, you can also make the furniture become shinier than before. However, you must remember not to soak the wood neither put much water on it. That would make your old furniture broken.

Re-apply the wax

Then, the last part of cleaning old wood furniture is to re-apply the wax upon the furniture. By doing so, you can maintain the old furniture in a good condition. In another side, this waxing could protect your furniture too. So, your old wood furniture condition will stay in a good shape.

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