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Chrome now lets you search for @history and @bookmarks in the address bar

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As Google is working on a redesign of the address bar in Chrome for Android, the desktop version of the browser has received a handy new feature that allows you to quickly search through history, bookmarks, and tabs.

You can enable the feature by clicking on the link:


With the feature enabled, you can type in the address bar:

  • @bookmarks and space for bookmark search;
  • @history followed by a space to search through browsing history;
  • @tabs and a space to search open tabs.

The results are displayed right in the address bar so you can navigate through them using the arrow keys or the mouse cursor. You can also press Enter to go to the full screen search result. If the match is as accurate as possible, then Enter will immediately transfer you to the corresponding site.

The innovation works in the current version of Chrome for Windows, macOS, Linux, and ChromeOS.

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