How to Choose the Right Size TV Unit Stand

October 21, 2017 by OurNetHelps

We Indians are very particular about our television sets. Our TV brings us all our favorite sitcoms and shows so how can we not feel extreme passion towards it? Months are spent deciding which brand of TV and what size of TV screen to invest our money in. And, after the TV has finally been purchased we then put all our energy in understanding its every unique function and getting mounted atop a right size TV unit stand.

Generally, a TV can either be wall mounted or touching the floor in the form of a wall unit. A TV stand though is mostly used just to place one’s TV, can add so much more to a room if done aesthetically. It adds depth, volume, and much grace to any room and when it has been coordinated tastefully with the furniture, a TV stand or TV wall unit can bring the whole theme of a room reflects heavily upon the users.

The choice between a TV stand or wall mounted TV unit depends wholly and solely on the liking of a user and a few more considerations that I have detailed below.

1. Purchase essentials

Before going for the purchase of any TV, please make a mental note of any light reflecting object near where you wish to place your TV set. Nobody wants a reflection of light or a striking glare to disrupt the viewing experience, especially if it’s a fireplace, a chandelier or anything similar.

Also, the amount of natural light, the TV room is expected to receive despite being secured with curtains should also be given consideration when propping up the TV room for family viewing.

Furthermore, the size of the room in which the TV is to be kept must be given due consideration. A huge TV in a small room would not do just as a small TV in a large room wouldn’t. Hence one must consider the minimum screen inches that their family requires.

2. TV stand unit length

Generally speaking, a TV stand should be 3 inches or more in length than the width of the screen of the TV. Hence in the case of a television wall unit, the below the TV portion should roughly be 3 inches more than the TV’s width.

For example in the case of a 50 inch 4K Ultra HD television, the TV stand length should be more than 53 inches roughly.

The width of the TV stand can be kept variable as to one’s personal choice. However, ideally, the width of the TV stand is always taken a few inches shorter than the screen size of the TV roughly 1 to 2 inches less.

3. Ideal height for TV placement

When considering mounting a television set, the center of the TV screen should be made a note of because it should come in the line of eye level. The TV screen’s middle portion should hence be considered as a measurement point and should fall in line with the average eye level.

The tallest TV viewer, in line with the tip or bridge of their nose, can be taken as a base for doing this measurement. Wall mounting of the TV screen can also be done following the same principle.

In the present day scenario where everybody wants to own a clutter-free home, wall mounting is the best option to achieve the desired height as well as desired TV viewing experience.

4. Shelving

A TV stand unit is used for storing DVDs, gaming equipment, music players, headphones, speakers and other TV Essentials.

However, a TV stand that is loaded with too many open shelves can be distracting, hence the number and type of shelves available in the TV stand should be understood and thought about before bringing the TV stand home.

5. Mobility

TV stands generally come with inbuilt wheels so as to lend mobility and ease of cleaning. A need and requirement for a mobile TV stand should be considered as well.

But, movable TV stands are perfect for lightweight TVs and hence, should be avoided in the case of heavyweight TV sets.


Finally, while making the choice of the right size TV stand unit users must study all value offerings that the TV stand/unit brings with it and match it to one’s requirement. More the key features match, the more favorable and comfortable shall your TV viewing experience be.

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