How to Choose Mattress for Heavy People?

Changing a mattress is no easy job, especially if you are plus-size. You have to make sure it satisfies all the conditions required to sleep better, such as excellent back support and spinal alignment, amazing bounce, even distribution of pressure, and cooling effect.

You may wonder why worry when the market can offer so many options in bedding. Of course, there is no shortage of varieties in stores. But the problem is, that most companies make regular mattresses that are generally suitable for bodies weighing less than 220 – 230 lbs. It means if your weight exceeds this, you have to look for something else.

A few tips are mentioned below to help you explore your choices.

Tips for Selecting Mattress for Heavy People


Generally, people with huge figures need a firm surface for good sleep compared to small ones who prefer soft beds to lie down. Nowadays, some companies have started designing beddings, which specifically serve this requirement. Big Fig is one of them. Strong and sturdy, these mattresses can accommodate up to 500-1,000lbs. weight.

Cooling effect:

Overweight people, generally, feel hot. For them, beds that can help maintain normal body temperature during sleep make an ideal choice. That’s why some mattresses now use gel-infused Latex foam, which creates cooling after coming in contact with the moisture, and in turn, contain their body temperature from rising and keep it sweat-free. So, look for this feature as well. You will get three options in foam covering, such as viscose, polyurethane, and lycra spandex.


Excess body pressure can cause some mattresses to sink. Only those which feature high-density foams and pocketed spring coils can withstand dents. Also, it’s useful to look for the thickness of the bed. As thin mattresses don’t support heavyweight, you need to search for one that has more than 10-inches of thickness.

Motion isolation:

Heavy couples experience disturbed sleep when they have to turn in their bed. If the mattress does not have strong materials to ensure proper motion distribution, it can become a problem. To avoid this issue, you can choose a bed that uses multiple layers of foam and an individually-wrapped coil spring inside.

Side sleeper support:

Heavyweight can create pressure on the edge of the bed when turning to a side. For this, some companies use high-density foams in their bedding to ensure greater strength and edge support for overweight people.

These are a few points that you can keep in mind while shopping for your mattress. It will help you to make an informed choice and save your hard-earned money as well.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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