Tips for Choosing Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

May 18, 2018 by OurNetHelps

A website, no matter how fancy or loaded with features, is not useful unless it is quick, responsive and up all time. A website is live only because, it has a server hosting it. A web hosting provides all the resources that a website needs to function. Web hosting is the lifeline of a site.

For all the enterprises who do business online, a well-structured and well-designed website is essential. The website should be able to withstand all the traffic and be quick and swift. The website also needs to be up and running all the time. Such businesses prefer to use a dedicated web hosting.

A dedicated server hosting is a right and best option for online businesses or businesses which have high website dependency. There are many advantages to using a dedicated server hosting. Let’s find them:

Complete control over resources: When you have the dedicated server hosting, the dedicated server provider hands over all the authority to you. With all the control you have, you can personalize the configurations, allocate and reallocate the resources based on your requirements.

Security: Since yours is the only website on the server, you have complete freedom of using all the resources of the server. This increases the efficiency and scalability of the website.

Wide variety to choose from: A dedicated service provider offers many services and many variants in the dedicated server hosting. You can select the server which best suits your requirements. You can experiment with the kind of server you choose:

  • Based on the platform: Linux dedicated server, windows dedicated server or cloud server
  • Based on services by the provider: Managed or unmanaged server or server colocation.

High performance: The performance of the website with dedicated server hosting is the best. The website never faces downtime or never crashes.

There are so many other advantages of having a dedicated server. So why aren’t people straight away opting for it? Well, the reason is cost. Compared to all other web hosting options, a dedicated server is the most expensive one. Price is an essential factor that is keeping people from opting for a dedicated server.

But worry you not, there are ways that help you fit a dedicated server in your budget. Here are some tips that will help you cut out on costs so that you can comfortably accommodate a dedicated server:

Estimation is the key: A dedicated server provider has various offers to offer you. All the specialized server providers will provide you with plans with different requirements. When you choose a plan, you need first to estimate the current hosting requirements and only then can you decide the hosting plan you want to go for. A web hosting plan depends on what you ask out of it, so knowing your requirements is the first step to get an optimized plan.

Choose the right dedicated hosting provider: The more you get from a provider, better it is. This statement means that the more you services you get from a hosting provider, the better it is for you. Always choose a provider who has good reviews and genuine workforce. Do not fall into a trap.

Use compatible configurations: All the providers will pitch for a future-ready website, they will explain to you how having the latest shapes will keep your website updated, but while thinking with this approach, people often forget that even if their web hosting is of upgraded technology, all their system is not. For the system to match the hosting, you may need to invest more in updating the existing system with newer versions. Thus incurring more cost and calling for complexities.

Take control of your website: When you take control of your website, all the configurations, load balancing, automatic backups, software updates, and system monitoring are your responsibilities. Handling all these responsibilities all by yourself, save time as for every small issue you don’t have to call the support at the provider’s end. Also, with keep look at all these factors, you can secure your hosting. And it is needless to say that securing your data helps you save big bucks, time and trouble.

Quality of the hardware: It is essential that the hardware setup that comes with the server is of good quality. The server should be new and equipped with all the features. Servers with enterprise-grade HDDs are ideal.

On taking all these factors into consideration, it is definite that you can get a dedicated version of your budget or get more features and services in the same amount. Dedicated server although cost more, but can prove to be the best decision for your business. So, don’t hesitate to switch to dedicated server hosting, be wise and careful when you migrate to it.

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