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Why you Must Choose Chartered Accountant as a Career

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Chartered Accountant enjoys a very respected position in our country and why not? This is the most prestigious and respected course in India.  Only 5% of the entrants are estimated to complete this course.

CA plays an important role in the growth of our economy. They are only professionals who are authorized to audit the Financial Statements. On the trust of a CA’s signature, Bank give loans to organizations, shareholders invest their money into the company, companies make investments into the new projects and much more.

This is the course which opens the door for countless dream job profiles. CA’s are not only called an expert in Accounting, but they are also expert in various domains such as auditing, taxation, finance, Company Law etc. There are infinite reasons to choose Chartered Accountancy as a career but here we are mentioning the most important of them. So read it join a CA Coaching Institute today!

Cheapest Course

Chartered Accountancy has been regarded as the cheapest course to pursue. If you compare CA with MBA or Engineering or Medical, then you will come to know how cheap it is. Chartered Accountancy is a pocket-friendly course. Any middle-class family can easily afford this course. The average fee in Chartered Accountancy course is estimated as 77600 including exam fee at each level (one time) and training mandatory in this course.

Coaching is not compulsory, you can do it with self-study also. It all depends on your ability to grasp the things.

Knowledge of Various Subjects

One professional course makes you an expert in one field. If you are doing CS, you will be expert in handling companies legal matter, if you do CWA, you gain expertise in handling cost accounts but CA is a course which gives you knowledge of multiple subjects. Here you will not only become an expert in handling Accounts but also you will read in-depth subjects like Company and Allied Laws, Taxation both Direct and Indirect, Finance, Auditing etc.

Hence, Chartered Accountants get offers for various job profiles such as Internal Auditor, Tax Consultant, Accountant, Investment Manager etc. Due to the expertise of CA in multiple domains, they also get priority over another profession while searching for a Job.

Practical Training during the Course

Chartered Accountancy curriculum has made three years of articleship training mandatory for students. This training has been referred to as a golden period for the CA Students. During the training, even after being a student, CA aspirants get introduce with the corporate world, they face the real world challenges, they audit the Financial Statements of big organizations, they get a huge knowledge which is not given in the books and become a true professional as soon as they become Chartered Accountant.

This practical training develops you into a true professional. Here you learn things without any risk. Through the knowledge gained during this training, you can start your own practice as soon as you complete this course.

No Age Limit

Most of the Govt. Exams prescribe an age limit which restricts a number of candidates to appear in those Examinations.

But there is no age limit to pursue Chartered Accountancy course. Anyone at any age can enroll himself for the entrance test in CA. After completing 12th Examination, you can enroll for CA Foundation course, after completing graduation you can pursue Chartered Accountancy through the Direct Entry Scheme. Even if you want to pursue CA, after 10-12 years of your marriage or in your 40’s, you can start this course anytime without any unnecessary formality. The procedure will be similar to a normal student.


CA do not restrict anyone within the boundaries of colleges. Here you do not require to switch to any metro station to study this course. No college, no institute other then ICAI can issue a Chartered Accountants degree to any candidate. Only ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) has an authority to conduct the CA Exams and issue a CA certificate.

Students can prepare for Chartered Accountancy in any state, any city either with self-study or Pen drive classes.

Highly Respected

Chartered Accountants enjoys a highly respected position in our society because they are the only professionals whose signature has a value to make the Financial Statements called audited Financial Statements. Some CA in practice charge for every minute rather than charging for a single advice. A layman expects a CA to solve his queries for every matter whether it is for investment purpose, whether it is income tax notice, or whether it is an issue over GST payment etc. When a single person is able to handle such multiple tasks then why not society will give him huge respect.

Higher Packages

Chartered Accountants has been offered a good amount of salary. The average salary of a CA has been estimated as 6-7 Lakhs, while those who cleared in the first attempt gets offer up to 13-14 lakhs and rank holders often get a placement at 20-25 lakhs. This is an estimated data of CA in service, there is no limit on earnings of a CA in practice.

When we compared the earnings of a CA from any other profession, we found that it is better than other professional courses such as CS where average earnings go up to 3-4 lakhs, MBA where avg. earnings estimated at 10-12 Lakhs, engineers who get placed in a range of 6-9 Lakhs. This means less investment and high earnings.

These are a few reasons why one should choose a Chartered Accountant as a career. Every business, every organization, every government or non-government sector needs a Chartered Accountant to handle their financial, taxation and legal matters. The scope of CA is increasing rapidly with the implementation of new laws and provisions in our country. After reading the above article, if you feel that CA is a right career option for you then register yourself for CA Foundation as soon as you complete XIIth Examination.

Hope you like the above article, so share this with your friends and let everyone know about CA.

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