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Biggest Controversies Surrounding Apple in 2019

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Ever wonder what kind of skeletons multi billionaire companies may have hidden in their closet? Well, there’s a lot of them, and it’s not things as simple as outsourcing article writing. Brands as big globally as Apple are bound to have had some controversies over the years due to its global influence and the fact that it is found in pretty much every corner of the world now. This means that they cause a buzz in the tech world and are much talked about, whether it’s good or bad. Let’s now take a look at a few of the biggest controversies surrounding Apple in 2019.

Apple versus Google

This has been one of the most talked about things this year. Two of the biggest companies in the world clash, because both of them have a really good chance at being at the top of the tech-world food chain. As they’ve been referred to before, it’s a battle between everyone’s “favorite fruit” vs everyone’s favorite search giant. Apple and Samsung have been competitors for the longest time, and they’re currently the biggest brands in the tech market. Apple obviously feels the need to constantly reinvent itself in order to keep up with Google’s developments, and in 2014, emails came forward which showed that Steve Jobs wanted to wage a war with Google and he was willing to go to great lengths to win.

  • This later turned into a court case.
  • Apple and Google have similar, very helpful ways of storing information. A huge cloud storage system that helps peoples save a large number of their data, which makes them incredibly useful.
  • Apple’s exclusivity makes it both desirable and slightly inconvenient for its users.

Apple’s infamous self-dependence

When iOS 4 launched back in the day, Apple did something bold. They prohibited the use of certain programs that were not in coding languages approved by them, and one of these programs happened to be Adobe Flash. This caused a stir due to the fact that a lot of apps, videos and websites were powered by it at the time, which meant that iPhone users could not access them. This made a lot of developers think about switching from Adobe Flash if they wanted people to actually see their content.

  • The fact that Apple did this shows how bold they could afford to be, even back then.
  • Adobe Flash was huge, and still is, to this day, so competing against it made Apple stand out a lot. This can also be seen as a great marketing tactic in disguise.

Lack of versatility

The fact that Apple devices are mostly only compatible with their own kind has been a cause for a lot of talk about it on the internet and in the tech world. This is one of the main things people bring up in the Android vs Apple debate, and it seems to bother a lot of users. This led to Apple trying to be a bit more open to things, but fortunately, Apple’s exclusivity makes this flaw not too relevant, and people still continue to use it just as before.

What is happening to their staff?

It’s no news that most of Apple’s products are manufactured in China. Contractors make this happen and there’s not a lot of information on where exactly this whole thing takes place. But several allegations have been made which have stated that Apple fails to protect its workers in these factories in China. They are mistreated and overworked and Apple fails to protect their rights, legally and otherwise.

While Apple is now trying to control the situation by monitoring what exactly is being done in their manufacturing factories, concerns still remain in some areas. This is something Apple needs to address and tend to as soon as possible because it could seriously tarnish their brand image, if not dealt with immediately.

  • There have been rumors about this mistreatment leading to increased suicide rates in the work staff due to never-ending exhaustion.
  • Apple has since introduced yearly auditing, which means workers are now being monitored. Their living and working conditions are being watched closely to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Nothing’s beyond the law

Apple has had a good amount of controversy with Samsung over the past few years. There have been patent infringement law suits with allegations of them copying some of Samsung’s designs. Along with this, attempts were made by Apple to have some of Samsung’s products removed from sale in the US, which would have meant a huge blow to their business. Apple has been heavily involved with law suits and has had several problems when it comes to business laws and such, which has in a way, made it even more popular.

However, Apple’s most recent battle has been with the FBI. When the US department of justice was asked to unlock the iPhone of a terror suspect, Apple denied this request of privacy grounds. They said that any work done on this could further help breach privacy on any other devices in the future, which would influence iPhone security as a whole and weaken encryption all over. This did not stop the FBI and they got a third party to help with obtaining the information which they needed, but this was a direct clash with the US government.

  • Apple has been sued by Samsung multiple times for various reasons, and this one competition has cost it a lot. However, it did always manage to fight back and regain its former glory.
  • Apple has done a lot to protect its user’s privacy, including going against something the US government asked of it.
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