How To Avoid Injury While Riding Skateboard

Skateboarding is a very popular but somehow also a risky and adventurous sport. It is said to be a great workout and can have lots of fun and a great cardio, but some few falls in it are also included in this game. In keeping this, there are some tricks and tips that might help you to get rid of the serious injuries in it. And it is advisable for you to avoid injury and mishappening use the best skateboard brand. These are those tips:

Steps To Avoid Injury While Riding A Skateboard

Do Some Warm-Up And Stretching:

Loosen up your stiff and tight muscles by doing some easy stretches before you are going to start skating. For this, rotate your shoulders and neck, stretch your calves and roll out your ankle. Warming up your body is an exercise to prevent serious injuries because it will promote blood flow to the muscles, and will gradually build up your heart rate.

Pick A Safe Place To Ride:

While skating, It is best to skate on the flat stiffed surfaces that are clear. Make it clear that there are not any vehicles around that place that can knock you.

Adjust The Trucks Of The Board:

These are the metal pieces and parts that keep your wheels in the right place and that are secured by the bolts. Turn your board upside down, and adjust the bolt in the middle of each truck to tighten it. The tighter your kingpin bolt would be, the more security you would have when you do the skating.

Check The Weather Conditions:

Do not skate on icy or wet roads. There is a chance that you will be easily falling over and lose your balance if there are wet roads.

Make It Sure That Your Phone Is Charged:

In the case of any kind of emergency situations, it is very important that you can contact emergency services or to those people who can help you. Keep your battery fully charged, and make it sure that you are carrying the number of your local ambulance services in your phone saved.

Bailing Out When There Is A Need:

Bailing is the trick that you can use while falling out. If you get to know that you are about to fall hard and there is no chance of savior you can try that trick before it is too late to handle.

Fall Correctly:

If a fall cannot be handled, you can use all your parts to lessen that impact on the body. It is very important to keep your legs and arms loose because a stiffed body can lead to the breaking of muscles.

Roll After A Fall:

Rolling while a fall can prevent your bones from breaking and damaging.

If you are skating on a ramp do the break fall using your knee. It is a very good idea to wear the knee-pads to protect and if you are going to get fall while practicing on a ramp, try always to fall on your knees. This will help you to protect and to avoid serious injuries on your body.

Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma
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