7 Things to Tell Your Wedding DJ to Make Their Job Easy

June 7, 2018 by jeffreyneal

DJs are not magicians. They have the multi-generational crowd for supplying the music lubrications. So, it can be said that wedding DJ can break or make your wedding vibes. And, so it is the most considerable thing to give them instructions regarding your big day. Obviously, your choice may be different from the other persons. To the next, you also have to see if you require a live band to perform at your wedding or train your DJ appropriately at the low budget.

As the planning of wedding dresses and other arrangements start months before, the music played at your reception must not be ignored so as to prevent all things go in vain. So, check out the list of things you can tell your DJ to make the most of your wedding day and the abilities of your hired DJ.

1. Tell Him Your Key Songs – When To Play Them And For How Long:

A good DJ will always provide you the list of songs played at the specific moments. Like, for instance at the time of entrance of bride, games moments and the Rukhsati moments. You can make him aware of your choices. Further, also tell him what event will come after which, and the most important thing, the duration of a song, means how long you want to play the specific song.

Like, for example, if the function is of Mehandi. You can instruct him to play the full song till the performance. Or, at some other event, the music must be played for the 2 or 3 minutes to fade out the mark or just to mesmerize the crowd, like you can say at the time of entrance.

The things will help him out from any confusion and eventually, your event will flow without a glitch.

2. Pronunciation of Names Appropriately:

Just providing him with the names of special guests is not enough. It is important side by side to give him an appropriate phonetic spelling of every one’s name. Yes, it is the safe side you can do from preventing any awkward situation.

3. His Arrival Must Be Before All Guests:

Obviously, you will not want that your DJ come after your special guests came. Set them a timeframe and ask them to come early before the event started. This is also important because they have to set up their kits. And, it does not seem good in any wedding that a DJ is dragging his kit here and there for a proper setup.

4. Request Policy:

Communicate him in the clear words that they will not entertain any request policy. It is your wedding. And, you are not here to play the music of any xyz consent and spoil the whole environment and the theme. And, if someone becomes persistent, communicate him about this policy also straight forwardly.

5. Give Them Your ‘Do Not Plat’ List:

Tell him the theme of your wedding. What type of color you are about to wear and what type of fabric it is. Like, if the theme is about Elegant Formal or Classic Formal Collection, play the songs accordingly. To make the things easier, have a glance at his playlist earlier. This will also save you from hesitant at the time of wedding, and he can’t deny your request by saying that he does not have such song in his playlist.

6. Bad Blood In The Family:

Every family has some sustained relatives, including separated and divorced that may cause discomfort. Tell your DJ about this, so he will take care in making the announcements at your reception. Also, ask him not to play the sensitive folks that would hit them.

7. Volume, Language And MC Preferences:

For the seamless flow of your wedding, it should be mentioned earlier to your DJ. You may have many other important things to do at the time of wedding, so telling before any awkward situation arises is beneficial. Moreover, tell him strictly not to give ears to anyone’s suggestions of making the music loud or slow or to play the music of their consent.

In summation, I will say that DJ plays an important part in your wedding. So, there should not be any communication gap between you and him.