Setting up and using mobile phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

May 14, 2017 by melindaprimrose

Searching the online world is actually far better on a bigger piece of equipment, for instance, laptop or tablet instead of the small smartphone display screen. The good thing is that you may use your current phone as the wi-fi hotspot and connect the laptop or tablet to the world-wide-web.

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It is known as tethering and the majority of mobile phones available today have got this characteristic.

What’s tethering?

Tethering is the method whenever you share your own smartphone’s 4g or 3g connection with various other units, making the smartphone act like a hotspot. When you enable this option, each of the units you need will be able to go to the online world.

In a nutshell, this is what tethering means and it doesn’t matter which smartphone you are using. The single thing you have to know is to enable that feature on your smartphone.

Tips on how to determine if your smartphone has this option?

You need to be conscious that not all smartphones on the market support this feature. If you have a more recent type you may be quite sure it’s supported by your own smartphone.

If you want to share the internet connection you don’t have to use wireless network internet connection only. It’s also possible to work with USB connection as well as a Wireless Bluetooth connection.

Nevertheless, before you begin dealing with tethering it is good to look at the next. Just in case seek advice from your current mobile phone agent if your own mobile phone plan allows tethering. Sometimes, the mobile operator disables this feature if tethering is not included in the deal.

What to do in case tethering isn’t approved?

One of the solutions would be to switch your own mobile phone operator with some other that allows tethering. Of course, it might be a little bit more costly as opposed to the current plan, but it is much cheaper compared to the other choices.

Unless you don’t have a tablet computer, ensure the one you intend to buy supports 3g/4g. Certainly, you will have to invest in a separate Sim card and pay off either per month or by the bandwidth you would spend.

You can also get a mobile wireless hotspot. It’s primarily a wi-fi router which lets you insert a Sim similar to the tablet we have mentioned before.

Tethering and exactly how does it deliver the results?

Here is how it works in simple terms. To begin with, it’s important to enable this feature to your current smartphone, next set-up the Wireless protection employing a powerful security password for preventing other people from hooking up to your hot spot, next link up the tablet PC on the network you have recently built.

Your password should be expected once you try to connect your units to the hotspot. You won’t be instructed to insert the password over and over simply because it is going to be saved and the units are going to connect easily when they’re in range. The same occurs when you make use of a mobile wireless hotspot.

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