Top 7 List Building Tips and Tricks

January 6, 2017 by ankit-agarwal

For today, however, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite (but deceptively simple) secrets of building a profitable list. Here they are:

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1. Be honest. Sometimes you’re going to review products in your newsletter. Be honest, or you’ll ruin your credibility.

TIP: You can actually increase your response rates by providing honest reviews that reveal a product’s flaws and all! You’ll learn more about this trick in an upcoming lesson.

2. Don’t sell crap. It doesn’t matter how big of a commission you’ll earn by recommending it or how big of a conversion rate the sales letter is turning out. If it’s a poor product, don’t recommend it. And never recommend anything without thoroughly reviewing it first.

3. Use multi media. Some of your readers will prefer text. Some will prefer audios. And still, others may prefer to learn by watching videos. If you want to build a responsive list, offer multi-media content… and then keep careful track of what types of content give you the best response.

4. Give your subscribers what they want. What your subscribers need and what they want can be two different things. You need to give them what they want (in order to boost your conversion rate), and, where applicable, sneak in the bits of info that they need.

5. Avoid treating your subscribers like cash machines. If you look at your subscribers like ATMs – especially if you’re desperate for their money – they’ll sense it and respond negatively. Instead, focus on solving your subscribers’ problems, and the money will follow naturally.

6. Don’t take unsubscribes personally. Yes, people will unsubscribe. Don’t react to it by sending a nasty email to them or by dwelling on it. Instead, consider it a positive, because your list is “self-weeding” out those that aren’t interested in your offers, which means your conversion rate may increase.

7. Encourage subscribers to confirm their subscriptions. If you’re using confirmed opt in (sometimes called double opt in), then your subscribers need to click a link in their email to confirm their subscriptions. This email you send should give them a good reminder of why they should click that link, such as “You’re just seconds away from [getting big benefit]. Simply click the link below now and I’ll rush you your free copy of [title of report]!”