The Best Things You Should Experience In Life

January 5, 2017 by ankit-agarwal

Life is unfairly short, especially to those who forget to enjoy the little moments. Here is the brief description of the best things you should experience in life.

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Love Yourself: The first thing you have to experience in life is self-love. Before you can see the need to make yourself better and understand the zillions of opportunities presented by the life you have to love yourself. Without loving yourself, it would be impossible to love others truly.

Self-love starts by understanding the worth you place on your being. Do you believe that you deserve to be loved, do you understand that your being loved should not be tied to any extraneous conditions.

I believe you know that until your self-love game is ‘tight’ you wouldn’t be able to experience true happiness in doing things that you love or should ordinarily bring you happiness. Now does this seem selfish? Maybe. The assumption that everybody loves his/ herself is one assumption too many. In fact, the word going around is about reducing the love people have for themselves. The truth is you can’t love yourself too much. The bible says love your neighbor as yourself, another instance where it is assumed yourself love game is at the peak. The truth is you project your feelings and mood to people around you.   Someone who appreciates his/herself doesn’t find it hard to appreciate the connection and the importance of the connection he has with people either at home, the workplace or in the community.

Someone who loves his/herself would put more energy into activities that would lift his spirit, and those of his/her loved ones.

If loving yourself a little bit more is being selfish then there is no crime in being a little selfish, if it makes you a little bit happier. Start doing things for yourself a little bit more, always think of others but never forget to take care of yourself.

Happiness starts from within I believe and I hope you believe also. We all agree we deserve to experience happiness right? So let us start with our inner happiness.

Pack Your Bags And Travel: Have you ever thought of traveling? I believe most people at one point in life have always thought of traveling. I hope you have also thought about it once or a couple of times before, or perhaps you have done so.

Travelling is an experience you want to enjoy at least once in your lifetime and I don’t mean class trips, business trips or work related trips. It is time you experience what the world has to offer in terms of diversity of culture, meeting different people and experiencing a new culture at its best.

Most people have always had the desire to travel, to see new places, to create new memories with new people and experience the world beyond their homes. For a minority, they transform this desire into a reality and yet for a majority they fail to realize this dream.

The question is why?

Why our desire to travel remains nothing but a wistful wish is the fact that it doesn’t metamorphose from a desire to travel plans. This makes easier for other perceived pressing needs to dislodge it from our minds. It is so easy to make excuses for not traveling.

The beauty of traveling to far-flung countries and cities cannot be over emphasized

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” – Anonymous, the experience is magical and life changing. We get to build memories of beautiful places and wonderful people. The different sights we get to see changes our view of the world but what makes traveling a life-changing experience is the group of different and exotic group of people we meet.

People who are the same as the people in our home, our workplace and in our community and yet so different and so unique.

When we want to bag our bags and see the world, guess what you shouldn’t forget to bring along. Yes your camera, travel impresses the beauty of the world on our soul but what better way to caption that impression than with a camera. If you do not have a camera you are still covered, thank God for camera savvy smartphones yay!!!!. The camera of your smartphone can do the job perfectly.

You and I know that travels create long lasting memories, it would be nice if you create these memories with the one you love. They serve as a long-lasting bond with the ones we cherish.

Let’s not just stare at the big white elephant in the room, you’re probably wondering how to free up your schedule to go traveling. If you have any free time then pack your bags and travel but if not then this is the plan.

Start planning about your travel plans now. Pick a suitable location, a place you have always wondered about and start planning towards it. I can assure as long as you make concrete plans and you work towards it, you are bound to experience that unique experience called the adventure.

If you are a student or a young fellow just starting out, why not just enjoy an adventure, see the world, create memories, make new friends and see the world in a new whole dimension.

Do not let funds or a busy schedule stop you from experiencing this unique adventure. It is worth it.

So can we start making those travel plans!!!

Surprise Your Loved Ones: Sometimes the best way to be happy is to see your loved ones happy. And I tell you that a good surprise never fails to put a lovely wide smile on the face of your loved ones. Seeing your loved ones laugh and look surprised is just one beautiful experience you can’t just let go.

When most people hear surprise your loved ones, they believe it is all about gifts or money, WRONG!!!

Have you ever decided to go home after a while to see your parents? It seems most time and with good reason that we seem so busy once we start building our own family. Yes, having a family is no small work, now you have to think about your wife, your children and their several needs and vice versa for the wife. I t seems you don’t have time for the love of your life, your wife as you would prefer.

All this should actually make you create time out of your busy schedule to see your parents. All this should make you appreciate the strength of your parents, and the graceful manner they carried their responsibilities with joy. This is the time to appreciate the sacrifice your parents would have had to make for you when they were nurturing you. The best way to appreciate your parent is to give them a beautiful surprise visit. Talk about old times and the new times. Talk about their health not over the phone but when you are with them. Talk about the sad events of the past and how time has made it seem trivial or funny. Talk about hopes of yesterday, the reality of today and the dream for tomorrow.

I am sure that the big wide smile on the face of your parents and the beautiful memories shared is the reward you would appreciate.

More often than not, it is our unannounced presence or an evidence that we think constantly of our love ones that surprise them. Take for example despite your busy schedule, you find a way to get lunch for your wife in her place of work, or you find a way to attend your children’s parents teachers association meeting, or their recitation ever when you are so busy.

It is these memories that form the bank of a happy tomorrow, memories of how the people around us made us feel special, and the look of indescribable joy on their faces is one that cannot be valued by monetary standards.

Build Something: There are several kinds of people in the world, there are some I like to call the creators while the others I would love to call the users. There is this unexplainable feeling that occurs when you create something, this feeling has driven the world famous inventors to build something from the scratch something they could call their own.

The question is, have you ever build anything from the scratch or ground zero and see it blossom? As businessmen have we ever decided to have a new great idea and nurture it through its teething problems, see it grow up and solve its developmental problems.

As creative fellows have we nurtured a creative idea from the fertile soil of our minds and see it in its purest from taking solid shape.

The concept of the building blocks on top each other, it involves solving ridiculous problems that come along each day, it involves enjoying the little success that comes along each day, it involves taking stock of our progress from ground zero.

If you are an entrepreneur, try building a small business. Don’t be afraid that it would fail, such thoughts make sure you don’t actually start the business. As a person, we build a lot of homemade goods. Do you believe, you could do better than that eatery at the corner cooking muffins? So what keeps you waiting to go into the kitchen and make your own muffins.

Do not be afraid to bring your ideas to life. It is only when your idea has metamorphosed to reality would you appreciate your idea fully.

Building new things, starting new projects, creating your ‘thing’ is not so easy. But every good thing doesn’t come easy, it takes perseverance, determination, focus, good planning and preparation to bring a beautiful idea to life. It involves having people who believe in you as a person and in your life to make sure your idea doesn’t ‘die on arrival’ it is your responsibility to surround yourself with the doers and not just the planners.

For us, we can take inspiration from companies, brands, and fortunes build from nothing by people who were nothing.

Oprah is a good example of how dedication, focus, and a strong will can catapult you from the danger of obscurity and irrelevance to global relevance. The fact that someone who didn’t own a dress built the biggest brand in TV and built a TV network in her name isn’t just impressive it is awe-inspiring.

Larry Ellison contracted pneumonia at a very tender age, his mother who knew the impossibility in supporting her sick child gave him up to her uncle and aunt. That didn’t stop Larry Ellison from creating something, no he went ahead and build Oracle. There are several people who have been told to just serve, people with talents within them who are told their best bet is to wait on people, people with the planning ingenuity who are told to watch and learn for ages. It is time these people bring out their innermost potential, sharpen it with the minds of intelligent people, create something original and magnificent and solve the problem of a generation.

Sing, write, start a business, plan a new method, design a dress. Build something you can call your own.

Be a Mentor, Have a Mentor: Be a mentor, been a mentor is such a humbling experience, one not everybody has the grace to enjoy.

To be a mentor isn’t a problem, but before you become a mentor to any youth or kid look at yourself and wonder if all you have gained so far in life would be beneficial to the ward you wish to have a mentor-mentee relationship with.

A lot of youths and kids need someone to guide them, to show them the ropes. It is the responsibility of the older ones to show them the ‘way of the world’. If you do not feel that responsibility then it is a shame.

The mentor relationship is a satisfying one as long as you and your mentee get along.

This article isn’t about how to become a great mentor so I wouldn’t be going so deep into the topic. Been a mentor enables you to correct your mistakes and allows you see the world through another eye, the eye of your mentee.

You get to know what the world is up to, and in your capacity as a mentor, you hope to cut excesses and guide the youth towards a more fulfilling future.

Try having a mentor, because no matter how old or experienced you are in life, you are just at another phase in life in which you have to learn to move forward. The mentor-mentee relationship is a two-way beneficial system, you get to impact in someone’s life and you get to understand the world has it evolves.

Go out today and take up the responsibility of a better world.

Teach and learn.