How Social Media Can Help You Grab a Job Offer

December 28, 2017 by sandydsouza

Social media has intruded into people’s lives deeply. It has become an addiction for many people where they are hooked for hours for checking the latest celebrity gossip or stalking their peers. Many people are not aware that this medium can be used for not only sharing recent adventure pictures, but also securing that coveted position they always dreamed of. So, you have the latest Apple phone with all the upgraded applications to flaunt it in style? The device might be a status symbol, but this very phone with all social media apps can be a harbinger of an interview that you waited for a lifetime. Confused what should be your next step? Simply projecting your career history and personality could open the doors for a wonderful opportunity that you have always desired for. Still worried how to spin your online presence into an online resume? Here are tips on how to make use of social media to market yourself and get the job too.

Do a thorough research

If you are social media savvy, why not leverage this skill for grabbing a job offer? Whenever going for an interview, it is always a good idea to do a thorough company research and understand the firm’s vision. But there is no need to spend hours on the company’s website to understand their annual reports and projects. Try smart methods now. Follow organizations you are interested to work for and become friends with people working there. In this way, you can always stay updated about it, and retweet their posts shows you have been keeping a track on their journey.

Be visible on social media

Well, if the companies are checking out candidates on social media, why limit your visibility? With social media becoming an integral part of life today, be active on more than one platform. True, you might be having 500+ connections on a LinkedIn profile, but a profile with certain keywords could make it more robust. Just being a member would not work if there is no activity on your page for months. Sharing an infographic content about trending news or a funny little video with no particular offense can help recruiters dive in your personality. Change privacy settings for posts that you do not want to be seen by employers.

Showcase talent

Hiring managers are likely to screen candidates who have given ample information about their skills. If you are looking for a job, how will people know your abilities when there is no evidence to support that brag. In today’s digital world, an online resume can create a bigger impact than a paper application. To stand out from the pack, show off your accolades and the type of work you have done until now. It could be work samples, presentation or a link to GitHub profile where you have displayed code for a self-owned project. This could be a great way to differentiate from other profiles and give a real peek into your performance abilities.

Make friends, expand network

It’s called social media for a reason. It helps you get social and connect with people across boundaries of professions or nations. Many times, vacancies are filled even before the word is spread out in public. While you cannot manage the internal happenings of an organization, social media can come to your rescue when it comes to messaging. A paper application can get misplaced in a pool of candidates, but a hiring manager is likely to recollect your candidacy if you have conversed on a social media channel. Be an initiator of ping message and always have something positive to start the conversation and talk beyond ‘did you get my application?’

The advantage of social media is, you can directly convey views about a company’s product launch using a thoughtful paragraph, or a 280 character tweet. Don’t shy away from advertising yourself. But honestly, portray who you are. There should not be a mismatch between what you say on paper and what the photographs suggest. So, next time you log in, use your social media account to connect to a prospective employer and get closer to your dream job.

Sandy Dsouza is a freelance author and blogger and has more than 5 years of experience as a writer. She is always eager to share her knowledge on various topics like a resume, career development, and career change. Her significant contributions to bestsampleresume have aided many aspiring job candidates and students to develop their careers.