Decoding the Science Behind Winning at Android App Development

April 2, 2018 by arpita_singh

Delivering the world with solutions to common real-time problems is the dream of every mobile app developer. Addressing the issues faced by users on a regular basis or giving them an application that becomes a worldwide sensation requires you to put in a lot of efforts, besides the sweat and blood. There are a lot of challenges to be addressed in order to cater the end users with an efficient app that delivers a breathtaking experience, rather than just another IT component. Let’s explore some of the critical factors that you need to focus on, to shine and sparkle in the field of Android app development.

Keep Abreast of the Latest Trends

This is the tech arena where advancements are a part of daily routine. If you happen to miss out one of them, your skills and expertise will fall flat on the ground. Make sure that you stay ahead when it comes to the latest trends in the realm of mobile development and offer the users with features that are usually expected today.

Give Ears to the Users

Because the ball ultimately falls into the court of end-user. Make sure that you give appropriate time to understand the requirements from the end user’s perspective. One of the key contributors to the popularity of your application is the level of satisfaction it delivers to end users. This also gains you many loyal users. Additionally, listening to the end users gives you a scope to enhance your application according to a user’s expectations and offer them the product they need.

The Price

It is a no-brainer that the price of an app is a crucial factor that decides the number of users who will use your application. Make sure that you do not charge your end-users too much as it will only lead to a condition where you’ll be looking for the users. Also, do not intend to keep it too low that it pushes you into a loss. Research well while understanding the features such as the demography of the target market, commissions, and refunds. Once you are done, fix a suitable price comparing the product with the user expectations.

Take Care of the Marketing Strategy

Marketing your product gives you a strong foundation before its launch. Invest time and efforts to introduce your product at least 2-3 week before the actual launch and try your best to convince the users that they need it. This much-needed buzz will give you an edge in the market and yield you surprising results in the long-run.

Invest Time in Understanding the Android Arena

The market share of iOS users is way lesser as compared to the ones who use Android. This calls for more in-depth research because android users are offered with a plethora of freemium versions making the market less profitable as compared to the iOS market. Understand the areas that generate maximum profits such as games. Once done, plan and formulate your strategies accordingly. This research and understanding will serve you in the long run.

Know the Competitors

Are there similar apps on the market? If yes, what makes your app capable of beating them? What are the extra or limited features of your product? Understand their business models and why users favor them. This in-depth research will help you understand your position in the competition and will help you explore the options that can enhance your application. It will also help you determine the necessary cost of your product.

Optimize your App

One thing that almost every user dislikes is an app that takes too long to load or the one that takes up too much unnecessary space on the mobile phone. The flow speed and overall size of the application act as essential determiners of the app popularity. Ensure that you do not use unrequired object and variables in the code which is one of the most common mistakes the developers tend to make.

Develop for Multiple Devices- NOT

One thing that Android developers enjoy is liberty to use the same app for different devices irrespective of the screen size. Nevertheless, making different of copies of the same app according to the screen size is not only tedious but also adds a level of difficulty. Instead, use solutions that provide you consistency without creating havoc for you. You can opt for using density-independent pixels instead of pixels. Android can then automatically calculate the appropriate amount of pixels and adjust the app according to the screen size.

Testing in the Key to Success

Testing gives the core strength to your software product. Apps should be tested iteratively after each step to ensure that the flaws and bugs can be determined well in time and fixed, if possible. Identify the probable points of crashes and tweaks to avoid future complications.

Your Idea is a Masterpiece

Even if it is a small investment that makes a significant difference or your first venture in the form of a dream project, believe in it. Explain the world it’s importance in their life and the value that it adds to their experience. Help the users explore and understand the extraordinary features and critical differentiator the app has to offer them. Don’t hold back assuming the negatives.

Design Speaks Volumes

User-experience, efficiency, services, and every similar thing comes second. The first thing that user focusses on is the design. Ensure that you dedicate sufficient time to the design aspects of your mobile application and standardize it according to the Google design principles.

Arpita Singh is SEO Engineer in a  leading Web app and App Development Company with a profound knowledge of marketing and social media.