Road to Million

March 25, 2017 by wealthx

Every now and then, there have been success stories being discussed in the paper, TV, and mainstream. Whereas, more and more people are still struggling their way to work and dot their thing for the rest of the day. How do they attain their road to million?

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Are still wondering how there are those people who have made their first million at such a young age whereas you, a hard worker, who have worked far greater than those young kids struggled in keeping your money in your pockets?

Road to million

Do not wonder. Kids these days have thought of ways on how to get their first million by a variety of ways. They have thought of a side job, cost cutting and saving. Those simple things are easier said than done.

Why would they think of having a side job if they cannot even do their best on one particular job? Well, it’s simply they love the other over the other and they are not losing the passion for something they love, something that old fellas failed to get through as years pass by. There are talents being wasted through the passage of time like drawing, painting, writing and music that were never given attention off but if only friends and parents would acknowledge the greatness individuals possess in those fields. They would surely excel and become their road to glory.

How would you cut costs of living you ask? Then look around you. When was the last time you went shopping? or treat yourself a great coffee in Starbucks? or took your last vacation? Surely those frugal activities can be minimized and replaced by doing a few things that benefit yourself and around the family like reading, watching DVD’s or even fooling around with the kids whenever you’re free.

And lastly saving. I do believe that ‘Saving is the first way to get things going.’ because if you would not build the habit of saving to be combined with additional income in the form of sideline and cost cutting. Attaining your first million would be a hard mountain to climb. So, do those three things and you would surely get that first million you are eager to have!

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