The Pros and Cons of Living by a Golf Course

June 12, 2017 by caitlynwilliams

It generally depends upon the choice of the individuals what kind, of course, they want to live in, along with the location on the course and how much you are willing to pay for the view.

They may choose depending on the preferences they have and can have private course that typically has retirees for their members and residents who are more than likely members at the course as well.  They can buy a lot that sits back from the tee or green sufficiently so you wouldn’t be as likely to hear the occasional expletive and you would not be subject to balls hitting your house or going into your yard.

Depending upon the choices an individual’s make they can opt for a public or private place for their living in and both have pros and cons associated with it.

Pros and Cons:

South Florida has numerous golf courses, but in spite of the relative abundance, but there are only a few courses that are lined by residential properties. Four Lakes is one such of them, and as a result, we are time and again being inquired if it is dangerous living beside a course as few of the families did not purchase these properties down for rent in fear of kids being hit by golf balls.

The main thing people need to think before making the decision deciding to live on a golf course South Florida involve where you will live on the course. Every position on the golf course has its own pros and cons. We will start with those:

1. By the tee:

Advantage: People get to see the power shots at the beginning of the hole.

Disadvantage: It seems to be found that cursing is usually worst on the tee, frequently repeated as each new group comes through.

2. Mid hole, right:

Advantage: People opting for this position give them the good view of the entire hole.

Disadvantage: Since many of the golfers are a novice and aren’t very good in playing golf and also most right-handers tend to slice the ball (it goes to the right), so unless your home is well-protected, lots of balls will be flying on to your property.

3. Mid hole, left:

Advantage: This is most suitable and good options if opt for viewing the entire hole

Disadvantage: They could do more damage even to well-protected properties, as hooks tend to be hit harder and go farther.

4. Near the green:

Advantage: Be near the green could be the best position, if residential want to be right on a golf course, being. They always get the awesome look and usually shorter shots tend to be less dangerous. Also if there is a big tournament at your course, you will have the vantage point.

Disadvantage: It could be dangerous if the people are living quite close to the proximity as it could be hit by an errant shot. Grasses are mowed every early in the morning so be prepare yourself for the disturbing noises to interrupt your sleep.

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