How to Plan An Outbound Training Program

January 19, 2018 by ashish999

Usually, an outbound training program consists of a set of activities specifically designed to help employees learn about skills related to leadership qualities, communication tactics, team work, the essence of team spirit and are target driven in nature.

Due to be completed in a specific period of time, through such outdoor activities, the employees also learn the art of time management. The distinctive factor regarding an outbound training program is the element of fun involved in it.

With activities that also become a source of recreation and excitement, outbound training programs have gained immense popularity in the recent times, being implemented, experimented and utilized by several corporates today.

The Della Adventure Park which is located in Lonavala, Maharashtra, is one of the most preferred adventure parks to organize an outbound training program for a corporate. In order to plan an outbound training program, it is suggestible to first decide what is the duration of the training session?

Since the Della Adventure Park has several luxurious resorts to choose from, a corporate can also plan an overnight trip to India’s largest ‘extreme adventure park’ as a part of the outbound training program.
Depending on the number of employees going for the training program, the activities can be selected. The Della Adventure Park offers over 70 thrilling and exciting activities, ranging from group activities to individual ones.

If one wants the employees to understand how to attain targets, then the corporate can try out the target driven Paint Ball activity. The essence of coordination and team work can be understood through the Buggy ride which can be participated in pairs of two.

Activities such the motocross bike rides and the High Rope challenge can be an ideal source of helping the employees learn the key elements related to team work, targets, coordination, harmony, focus and decision making in a fun-filled manner.

An important aspect regarding an outbound training is to plan it in such a manner that it is not over-tiring for the workers. Thus, keeping in mind the recreational aspect, The Della Adventure Park also offers its guests a set of best five multi-cuisine restaurants to experiment their taste buds and pacify their stomach.

One can enjoy snacks at the ever-open Café 24 or lighten up by dancing to their favorite songs at the P18 Night Club and Bar. The restaurants are not only a delight to one’s appetite but also a pleasant site to soothe one’s eyes.

In case the outbound training session is spread over a span of few days, then the corporate can select from the various well-designed resorts at The Della Adventure Park. For corporates, the most appropriate resort can be Camp Della Resort which can also be a source of bonding time for all the employees, who can interact with each other by enjoying the camping site.

The Della Adventure Park has been built by a corporate keeping in mind the needs of an outbound training program best suited for the employees of a corporate. The park has everything, from luxurious resorts to rejuvenating activities to delicious restaurants, all established to help the employees experience the most resourceful outbound training.

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