Online bullying: Ways to protect Teens

March 25, 2017 by nickimarie222

Since the technology has developed in the shape of cell phones, the new term of bullying has been introduced to as online bullying or cyber bullying. It is no longer limited on the roads, in school yards, university campuses and even not to street corners. Bullying can happen anywhere, even at home, on text messages, phone calls, and social media websites and on the contemporary instant messaging application along with the possibility of plenty of people’s involvement. Online bullying is an illegal and unethical activity to do; its effects can be disastrous, leads a victim teens to depression, anxiety, fear, anger and sometimes to suicide.

What should teens do?

  1. The first and the most important thing for teens is to discuss if bullied, to your parents, teachers and to your trusted friend.
  1. If you are bullied on cell phone text messages, then simply don’t bother those messages even the messages consist of sexually abused language.
  1. Don’t ever respond with the same language which bullies used with you, just think what will the difference left between you and them.
  1. Having smartphones you have the option to block their mail, phone number or any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many others alike.
  1. Don’t feel any regret and don’t put the blame on yourself, the problem lies with the bullies, not with you. So stop blaming yourself.

What is online bullying?

The online bullying means an activity done by someone by using the cell phone service or internet service and threatens you, humiliate you and used harsh and naked language online. It is opposite to the traditional bullying, online bullying doesn’t need physical access to someone. It can be done through cell phone and on the internet by using the social media tools. Online bullies tease their victim all day long and night even at home victim cannot feel safe. Mostly young teens and kids become victims of online bullying.

Effects of online bullying on Teens:

When teens are online bullied, they hurt, angry, helpless, isolated, depressed and sometimes plenty of cases have been revealed on the news that most young teens do suicide when bullied. Some bullies don’t reveal their identity and the victim teens and kids got so scared and refused to go outside without their parents even at their schools. Online bullies harass the young kids and teens by using cell phone and internet via social media platforms.

How should teen deal with the online bullying?

  1. Being a young teenager, if you have bear online bullies then don’t put the blame on yourself, you did not do anything wrong, stay cool and calm and try to forget what happened with you.
  1. Do pity on cyber bullies, because just think they are insecure, frustrated and abnormal people who used to of disturbing other people’s piece of mind.
  1. Once you have faced a text message which is based on online bullying weather on the cell phone, Social app and in the form of email then doesn’t bother to read the stuff again and again.
  1. Do not forget to ask help from your guardian, parents and teachers try to discuss with them they will give the honest opinion of their experiences or help you out.
  2. Don’t go into deep stress, the best option is to make the limitation on your screen time whether It is the cell phone or internet activities, do healthy activities as much as you can.