Omega Constellation Mens Watches – Trendy and Fashionable

August 20, 2017 by citywatchesca

Dynamic and contemporary in their expression, the Constellation is an essential part of OMEGA’s heritage for over half a century and engineered for maximum comfort. The Omega Constellation release in 1952 was in celebration of the watch winning the Geneva Observatory ran chronometer competition. It has been the eighth consecutive win, which is also a world record. However, the Constellation changed over the years, so much that the Globemaster started off from the design experimentations. This semi-separate re-edition of the Constellation shows us that calling the Omega Constellation men’s watches just trendy and fashionable will be wrong.

There are more things this lineup of watches have accumulated under their belt over the six and a half decades they have been around; of which, the Manhattan model itself turned three and a half decades young! To be very precise, the Constellation series is highly valued not only by Omega fans but by all of them who like both the vintage and modern versions of the same models with or without a chronometer certification.

The Omega Constellation men’s watches; even today, are held in high esteem for their superior timekeeping. Seen for the first time in 1952, their pie-pan dials well-fitted into steel, yellow gold and occasionally, platinum cases. The dials had Dauphine hands pointing to the geometric hour markers, which inspired the more recent Globemaster.

In case you don’t get a vintage Men’s Omega Watches, you have to choose from the new line-up, which is based upon the Constellation Manhattan of 1982. Apart from the Constellation name, you also get the signature Observatory emblem on case-back. The Constellation’s modern form follows the Gerald Genta touches from both the 1960s and 1970s – the iconic case claws and single-piece, tapering bracelets.

The Sedna-gold Constellation (equivalent to Rolex Everose gold) is fadeless; lovely and warm in its tone. The neat dial helps it connect with Omega’s past; the detailing around the dial-elements is sharp and angular. It’s precision craftsmanship.

The modern Constellations are unique in their designs with their strong bezels, which average watch wearers may not find that appealing. But it is popular in the Asian market, to the extent they could become a different brand altogether! Impressive case metal quality and configurations perfectly express the brand’s legacy of being identifiable from across a room. That’s due to the claws and the iconic star – the two most vital elements of a bold, powerful style.

The Omega Constellation Co-Axial Mens Watch comes with a co-axial movement, sized at 38 mm. However, the movement configurations vary greatly with the co-axial escapement staying a common trait for each, some are also set with dazzling diamonds, which gives the name Constellation an entirely new meaning and dimension.