3 Reasons Why You Must Choose Travel Companies That Organize Offbeat Tours in China

June 7, 2018 by nissautospares

Deep in the mountains in the Sichuan province of China, amidst the gorges and river dissected lush forests, are sheltered some of the most treasured wildlife possessions of China, the giant panda bears. This furry, bundle of joy persists in the bamboo protected network of the remote reserves of nature. So, if you are in China, then you should not miss this unique experience of coming in the close vicinity of the pandas at any cost. There are plenty of the companies who organize interesting tours specially crafted to reveal the rare Panda habitat along with the enchanting wilderness of China at its best.

With close-up encounters with Pandas at some of the most famous research bases along with interesting wildlife photography tours such as the Snow Leopard photography trip and introduction to the culture of the ethnic minorities and their lifestyle, these tour companies have been organizing quite lucrative tours which are hard to resist. Don’t believe me? Well, here are some reasons why you should plan offbeat tours with such a travel company. Take a look.

1. Up Close with the Pandas

Are you fascinated by the cute pandas? Then, your trip to China will not be completed until you visit the Panda habitat. Pandas are the most peace-loving, innocent, and cuddliest creatures in the world. Earliest, it was one of the pivotal endangered species but due to the efforts of the WWF, these have been safely rescued. And now there are three panda research bases in China namely, the Chengdu Giant Panda Base, Dujiangyan Panda Base, and the Dujiangyan Panda Valley. If you partake in the Chengdu Panda tours organized by any such travel company known for their special wildlife oriented trips, you will able to catch a glimpse of almost 100 pandas.

2. Panda Volunteering Opportunities

Some of us are not satisfied with just viewing the pandas from a distance. They need to be even closer to the pandas, gather more knowledge about their habitat, lifestyle, habits, and daily antics. And why not? Pandas are such a lovely creature that the more you get to know about them, the better it is. Enrolling in these travel companies opens yet another interesting opportunity for you. You can be a panda volunteer and work closely with the researchers at the panda research base. Right from cleaning the enclosures to preparing food, there are a number of tasks that you can do. Just check the eligibility requirements and apply now.

3. Remote Natural Beauty & Traditional Cultures

Most of the times, trips to China entails temples, shrines, or the cities in general but the traditional culture is hardly explored. This happens because you tend to visit the place with a big group from a travel agency. If you book a tour with a travel company that offers limited seats for such trips, then you can go to more remote places where you can get the access to experience China’s natural beauty. Moreover, these tours also help you enjoy the traditional culture of the ethnic groups, their lifestyle, and cuisines.

So, for an overall experience like this, you should take part in such offbeat tours organized by the travel companies.

About Author: Sue Collins, a travel blogger with many articles on China’s ethnic cultures or the Snow Leopard photography, here writes on why you should opt for a travel company that organizes unique trips such as the Chengdu panda tour.

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