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June 23, 2017 by panneerseo

There are really so many options that are faced by a person who intends to choose what to choose today in window coverings as it seems that honeycomb blinds are lost in the crowd. The real irony is that with all those looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, these blinds are the perfect solution.

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The latest technology in blinds

This is the latest technology in the blinds with retractable windows that combine the best of aesthetics, durability, ease of use and energy saving, all in one. They have an amazing variety if you choose colors and are incredibly fast and easy to install. So how do these new blinds do that they accomplish this?

They are flat and thin as standard blinds

First, energy efficiency comes from its ability to block heat and cooling from outside the home. At the same time, they work to keep the energy houses inside as well. The reason is simple. They are flat and thin as standard retractable awnings. Rather, they are about two inches thick and are filled with a series of interconnected air pockets.

A much more attractive problem-free operating system

On the other hand, they will not be carried out as if you could imagine a normal shutter. This is because, although they do not believe it, they retract to the top of the window by a traction cable in an “accordion”. There are no armrests or beams, but rather a much more fluid operation and honestly a much more attractive system.

There is no better time than right now for honeycomb blinds

The fact is that you could have more time than now for the honeycomb blinds begin to dominate the home decor market. The cost of energy is increasing and will continue to increase. On the other hand, until now, the only other option in energy efficient window coverings was much more utilitarian in appearance. These new stores are not only fantastic but also fantastic windows insulators.

About UsHoneycomb blinds continues to offer the best in class with a collection of honeycomb shade that offers timeless beauty and offers higher sector in the rating of energy efficiency.Our honeycomb window treatment collection provides timeless beauty and the highest energy efficiency rating industry.Available in vertical and horizontal pleats, Australian window covering honeycomb come in a wide range of tissue types, colors, shapes and operating systems.