6 Surprising Reasons Will Make You Never Skip Sunscreen Again

June 18, 2018 by ournethelps

There is a common misconception that we should apply sunscreen in summer time or on a beach. Defending your skin from harmful UV rays can be a must even when it’s winter. Here are vital points to consider why you should always add sunscreen before going out every morning.

1. Avoiding Early Fine lines, Craw’s feet and Cheek lines

It’s amazing to have great skin, firm, glowy, radiant and clear. However, with everyday exposure to sun, this fades away by time. Surprisingly, it wouldn’t be instantly noticeable. It eats away your skin health gradually and silently, giving you a fragile easily wrinkles skin. Once you reach your 30s, you’ll find your wrinkles generating easily.

There has been a study revealed that non-sunscreen users had 24% high chances of developing deep forehead wrinkles before reaching 55. Some of the forehead wrinkles caused by the sun are irreversible even if used the best forehead cream on the market.

2. Lowers Skin Cancer Risks

When it comes to sunburn, it is the most worrying for many dermatologists. There has been a recent research conducted in Australia revealing 5 phases of sunburn in teenage years. And the last one is skin cancer. This research concluded. Frequent sunburn might lead to high chances of skin cancer.

The positive news is, putting proper amounts of sunscreen will reduce any chance of sunburn, thus leading to slim chances of skin cancer from sun rays.

3. Full Sleeve Dress doesn’t offer the same protection as Sunscreen

The idea of wearing a full sleeve dress all the time (especially in summer) can be ridiculous for many. There have been some clothes designed to be UV-protection friendly. But it is not fashionable.

Also, most cotton dresses or garments offer low to none protection from sun. In that context, sunscreen when be more feasible to apply than risking with clothing.

4. Still protects after swimming

The amazing benefit of a sunscreen it’s water resistant. The FDA only approves sunscreen with water resistant of 40 mins and 80 mins. This means that it will remain intact in water or while sweating for this amount of time.

5. Improves Skin Quality, Firmness and Glow

There are 3 main proteins in our skin that are mainly responsible for our skin’s health. Those proteins are collagen, elastin and keratin. One of the main side-effects of those proteins getting damaged are deep forehead wrinkles, jowls and skin dullness.

6. Acts as a moisturizer and hydrator

Surprisingly, sunscreen acts as a coat not just from the sun. But from the skin losing it’s moisture and evaporating. The common reasoning behind skin dullness and dryness is the loss of moisture.

Recently produced sunscreen comes with built-in moisturizer which not only acts as a sun barrier but enhances the skin hydration. Thus, giving a shine to the skin surface.

Does that mean the sun is all bad? And What About Vitamin D From Sun Source?

There has been a myth that sun will enhance our vitamin D. Thus, the more you stay the more you get. That’s never even close to facts. People can fulfill their Vitamin D by their normal daily activity that can be 10 to 20 minutes twice a week and that’s it!

According to Yummylooks.com, You can even acquire Vitamin D from milk, dairy, liver, fish, and eggs. There are even Vitamin D supplements making no need for unnecessary sun exposure and photodamages.

Are spray-on sunscreens, same as the lotion form?

Spray sunscreens are only good for people who don’t like lotions on their hands. However, the effect of the spray can last for two hours in dry conditions and needs to be re-applied.


If you are one of those people that are getting your daily dose of sunscreen, know that you are ahead of this game. It’s not easy to comply with daily sunscreen at first. But once you understand the urgency of its use, you’ll be delighted to apply it every day.