Men’s Accessories Trends 2018

May 30, 2018 by ournethelps

The word jewellery always flashes those feminine fancy pieces made for women. But jewellery for men is also a thing and there are trends. Back in 1900’s, the jewellery for men was limited but now, you name it, they have it. Talk about cufflinks, tie bars, rings, stacked up bracelets, chains, tiny hoop earrings, men can wear it all and nail it too. Men’s jewellery can always spice up the look and conveys style whenever it is put on.

With spring and summer around the corner, you might be all charged up with the vacay-mode on and have series of things lined up. With this, you cannot afford to miss the essentials and the essentials consist jewellery. While choosing the jewellery, men need to ensure that the jewellery they wear reflects the masculinity well but also jazz up the look. So, it’s time you update your jewelleries and play it cool.


A few pieces of jewellery are what goes with any outfit and can give a hint of your fashion sense. Rings is one such jewellery and you can wear it anytime, anyday. This is not just limited to wedding rings or metal bands but much beyond if you can pull them off well. Men always want rings which gives a manly look and not delicate. This season, you can opt for thick rings made out of sterling silver, platinum, or tungsten which would look strong and fashionable. Signet rings made of gold and engraved with intricacies can make you stand out.


Men’s necklaces are more on trend than ever. With this cheerful season already near, necklaces can go great with low necklines or V-neck tees. Less is the new more and keeping it simple, comfortable and minimalist, is what will make you look stylish and something you won’t have to fidget. Single chained and thin necklaces will do wonders with a casual outfit and is sure to flatter your appearance. A tiny pendant attached with the single chain also helps create a good look. Currently, stacking up a couple of necklaces is in trend and that style is here to stay. Personalised necklaces with something like an important date or name engraved on it looks smart.


Bracelets are not preferred much by men but there are a few who are fond and carries them really well. Bracelets are meant for men who are ready to flaunt their styling sense. Single bracelets with different motifs on them, leather belts with metallic details on them or bracelets made out of beads can be spotted not often but quite a few times. Bracelets can be worn with any outfit making sure that the thickness of the bracelets, the material, and the motifs are in order with the outfit. Going for stacked up bracelets is in trend and they have earned the top spot on the men’s most popular accessory. So accessorizing your wrists with these arm candies will augment your style quotient.


Earrings are the pieces of jewellery which are most accepted by men and they prefer to wear it on daily basis. The type of earrings depends on the outfit. Considering the shape of your face, you can wear an earring that complements the shape well. Going for cool and funky earrings give a casual feel but metallic earrings do not necessarily give a formal touch. Studs and tiny hoops earrings are evergreen and they can go well with almost any outfit. Apart from these, going for customized earrings is always a good option.


Cufflinks are the tiniest form of style but are potent enough to remould your look. A couple of cufflinks with a french or double cuff goes well when you are someone who likes to heed details. Formal outfits call for metallic cufflinks made of either gold or silver and complete the look. Cufflinks convey class But going for casual cufflinks also can add a hint of smart to your overall appearance.

It’s time you update your accessories and get your accessories game on point. The accessories mentioned here are few amongst the most trending ones this season. But most importantly, whatever you put on, carry it confidently and that will favor you pull off the look.

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