A luxury ride from Lyft challenge Uber Black/Select

April 21, 2017 by anandraj

Uber and Lyft have been rivals for a while now and they have been in this ride-hailing business for a real long time. It has been around 7 years since Uber started its business of ride-hailing. The peer-peer sharing economy has grown to an enormous amount of heights and it still continues to do so. On the other hand, it has been just 4 years that Lyft has started its business and it is already giving a tough competition to the most established Uber.

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Both the companies have been providing a good service to the people. They are able to go places at affordable and reasonable prices with complete comfort. Lyft rival has been a behemoth in this ride-hailing industry, and the company is trying to catch up its strong contender. They have been providing exquisite services to their customers and it is a fact that the riders are happy with the service.

On the flip side, Lyft is making all kinds of attempts to catch up with its rival company. It is a fact that they are lagging far behind and there are trying to improvise the ways in which they have been providing their services to the people. They have been providing the rides like any regular cab service provider would do and now they have decided to take a lead and would like to give a luxury ride to their riders.

Lyft has made an initiative in bringing the luxury rides for its riders and now apart from the normal rides, the riders will have an option to ride in a luxury car as well. They have named this ride as “Lyft Premier” and people who would like to travel in a magnificent and extravagant way can opt for this particular ride. Along with the Line, Lyft, Plus, now people have the option for Premier as well in their list of rides.

The cars which the riders will be getting to ride in might be of the kind BMW 5 series, Audi 6, Lexus ES or a Cadillac Escalade. It is the time that the people will get to ride in an expensive car at an affordable price. There is no such pleasure compare to the one which we get when we are riding in an Audi or BMW. In fact, the experience which one gets is absolutely surreal and amazing as well.

This decision of Lyft to shift their focus on a particular market has come along during their expansion in around 100 cities in the US. Apart from that, there is a hearsay which is doing the rounds stating that the company might go for sale and this is yet to be confirmed. At present, it is something which the company doesn’t seem to be really interested in and would like to focus on their new Premier Ride service.

It is an opportunity for every rider to get a luxurious ride and the drivers will be able to make more money as well. Over the years it is said that Lyft didn’t find anything concrete enough to compete with its rival, as it was more focused on building a strong base for their service. Now they have finally found the opportunity where they can have a face off and provide a better service to their customers as well.

The company stated that around 60 percent of its riders actually made a request to have a more comfortable and luxurious ride. It is said the Premier Service of Lyft would work similar to that of Uber Black/ Select. In fact, this shows that the company has made an attempt to clone the idea of giving a luxurious ride to their riders from Uber.
Premier is available is only available in certain parts for the time being like Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City. And it is expected that the service will be made available in other parts of the country as well. It is said that the people will be able to find the Premier rides just like the normal rides which they find on the usual days.

Drivers with the Premier cars are less in numbers and it is definitely going to take some time for the people to be able to find more Premier car rides for the time being. Eventually, the number will increase and the riders will be able to enjoy the comfort and luxury, while the drivers will be able to make more money through the Premier Rides.
Lyft Premier is not only for the socialistic people, the company is predominantly focusing on its customers who come from the corporate background and people who might need luxury rides for their special occasions or events. This is reflected in the price which is being charged for the ride with the Premier cars and it is said that the costs might twice more than the charges for the regular rides.

Once the price is set high that means the customer will have the privilege to travel in a better car. The company had made a statement with their new launch of service for the Premier saying that they will be maintaining style, comfort, and pliability. This means that the riders will be paying more for the rides indeed and it is definitely going to be worthwhile.

This might come as a great deal for the drivers who are eligible for providing this service to the customers. On the blog from Lyft, it is clearly said that the driver had made a decision of making an investment with their business and they are glad about that fact. Apart from that, the drivers will be earning a good amount of money from the riders who might be requesting for a premier ride.

One of the major difference which Lyft Premier holds from that of Uber Black/Select is that they will be providing rides to the riders who come to the Premier package and the ones who do not come under as well. On the flip side, Uber picks up the customers who are high-end and not the commoners. This is a huge advantage for Lyft as it will have more riders for the Premium Rides.

When we consider this particular factor for the drivers they do have the pros and cons to it. If they do not receive any request for the premium ride, they can still go ahead and pick any Lyft Rider there is no restriction for them to pick up only high-end customers. Unfortunately, the only con which they will be facing here is that they will not be receiving the same price, as they would for the Premier Ride.

But still, they will be making money at the end of the day and that is something which is, in fact, an important factor. There is another factor in which Lyft lags behind Uber, it is the location, and for now Lyft Premier is available only in 3 locations and Uber Select/Black can be used across all the cities where the service is available. In this factor, the company really lags behind and it had to speed up the process and catch up. Lyft and Uber have been giving each other tough competition and it is evident that they are going play it hard and make it to the top.