Lecturer Job: A Rewarding Career Option to Choose in Singapore

April 18, 2018 by chinmayeejha11

It is said that teaching someone is one of the best jobs. Teaching has been the passion of many people for quite a long time. A lecturer is someone who stands up before a class and gives a composed talk intended to teach you something. The title lecturer ordinarily alludes to an educator who isn’t a permanent member of the staff yet one of the numerous college teachers who does not have tenure. The teacher may even be employed for a single semester or year.

Duties of a lecturer:

• To educate the undergraduate and graduate level in areas distributed by the Head of Department and surveyed every once in a while by the Head of Department

• To complete research and create productions, or other research outputs, in accordance with individual goals concurred in the Staff audit process

• To acquire inquire research funding support

• To connect with the more extensive academic and expert groups

• To oversee or help with supervision of undergraduate, graduate (Masters) or research graduate (MPhil/ Ph.D.) understudies

• To add to the development, planning, and implementation of a high-quality curriculum

• To aid the improvement of learning materials, planning plans of work and keeping up records to screen understudy advance, accomplishment, and participation

• To partake in departmental and personnel workshops went for sharing exploration results and building interdisciplinary coordinated effort inside and outside the office

• To take an interest in the improvement, organization, and checking of exams and different evaluations

• To give peaceful care and support to students

• To partake in the organization of the division’s projects of study and different exercises as asked

• To add to departmental, workforce, or all inclusive working gatherings or advisory groups as asked

• To keep up claim proceeding with the proficient advancement

• To effectively take after and advance UCL strategies, including Equal Opportunities

• To keep up a mindfulness and perception of flame and wellbeing and security controls

The Qualities a lecturer must possess are:

1. Friendliness:

The most important characteristic of a lecturer is to be friendliness attitude towards their students. Then only his student will share their problems without being afraid. Students have always seen their teachers as their enemies. A lecturer needs to be very polite while talking to his students.

2. A good personality:

A good teacher should always have a good personality. This attracts the students which lead to better communication and understanding. It is very easy to have a good personality. You just have to dress well and you need to be polite and kind while talking.

3. A good communicator:

It is very important for a lecturer to be a good communicator. If his communication skills are good, he can easily convey his message to his students. His class strength will increase automatically if he will speak well.

Salary of a lecturer:

A Lecturer/Speaker earns an average salary of S$64,726 every year. A skilled lecturer earns high pay for his profession. Many people with this profession proceed onward to different positions following 20 years in this field.

There are so many scopes in the field of lecturer job in Singapore. So, if you want to be a lecturer and your passion is teaching, then Singapore is the place which will help you to fulfill your dream with a good amount of salary. You can also visit the job portal of Monster Singapore where you can find various job regarding your profile. So, upload your updated resume on the website and apply for it.