Laser Hair Removal

October 13, 2017 by siya_nathan

Hair removal is one routine and necessary procedure for females of every age. They are part of every woman’s regular beauty regimen. It is neither possible to look presentable nor attractive without these necessary devils! While wax, shave or tweeze, there are many who also try to use organic home-made solutions for hair removal.

However, such methods do not provide lasting results. All thanks to science and technology, there are advancements that allow women better lasting results for their hair removal worries. Laser hair removal is one such invention. You are sure to forget the pains and screams waxing gives you, once you experience laser hair treatment.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal comprises using exposure of laser beams on the areas in under-arms, bikini line, face, legs and hands.

How is it done?

The type of laser treatment depending on the person’s skin tone and texture is decided prior. Before commencement of this procedure, the skin area is shaved. An anesthetic gel or cream is applied on that area. A hand-held laser device is focused on the hair follicles in the skin area. The frequency and power of a laser is adjusted accordingly. Such laser exposure is done in spurts over 5-10 minutes. This happens in a single session. Typically 6-7 sessions spread over multiple months are required for completing the treatment.

Cost: Many clinics and authorized medical authorities provide laser hair removal treatments. Costs of a Laser hair removal differ from city to city based on a variety of factors. You can check costs of it on

What are the pre and post-precautionary care tips?

While laser hair removal is a minimally discomforting cosmetic procedure, observing a few pre-procedural instructions certainly helps:

1. Consent form – You are made to sign a consent form giving your written permission for undergoing the procedure in the first session. The form may also contain clauses like whether you get permission for getting photographed before and after a procedure.

2. Antibiotics – If you are on any antibiotics course then inform the same to the doctor. As then your appointment can be rescheduled.

3. No hair removal – Make sure not to wax, shave or tweeze any of your hair on the skin area which is to be treated with laser in the days before the procedure.

Other than the mentioned ones, also do not go in for tanning procedures in the weeks prior to laser hair removal.

Post procedure instructions:

1. Apply ice on the operated region to ward off any redness

2. Avoid exposure to sunlight directly after undergoing laser hair removal

3. Make sure to wear a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30

4. Wait for 12-24 hours before going in for a sauna, spa or hot shower

What are its benefits?

Laser hair removal has many benefits. That makes it the most commonly done procedure in many countries. Few of them are as listed below:

1. Minimal discomfort– Many women are afraid of the waxing methods that use cold or hot wax and even threading. Since threading involves a lot of pulling on the skin for the hair to be smoothened out. There is discomfort and pain the girl experiences each time. So much to look good! The pain doesn’t seem to reduce. However, laser is absolutely painless and very comforting.

2. Gets done in a faster time– Laser hair removal is a procedure that gets done in a time span of 5-10 minutes which is lesser than a waxing or shaving session.

3. More hair gets removed– The laser beam manages to remove more hair in a single laser pulse. Reduction of the hair growth on a permanent basis also gets possible because of this treatment method.

We have listed down the benefits and procedure details of what really goes into laser hair removal. Thus if you are a person, looking to start laser hair removal treatment for getting rid of unwanted hair, this is your opportunity!

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