Interesting Reasons for Playing With Your Cat

March 15, 2017 by scottjustin330

The best parts of people love pets and they enjoy having any pets at their home. It has become a habit for people to buy pets and take care of them like their family members.  Some of the most interesting and favored pets of people around the world includes cats, dogs, birds, fish, parrot, rabbit, dove, and so on. Cat is a very common pet that most of the people have at their home.

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Cat is a loving, friendly, caring, compassionate, scintillating and affectionate animal. If we love cats, they will love back us unconditionally and even give us their life in times of danger. Although many people have cats at their home, they don’t know how to make their cats entertained and active. If you wish to make your cats active and dynamic, you should try to play with them. Keep in mind that playtime is a vital part of keeping your cats happy and healthy.

Following are some of the top interesting reasons why you should play with your cat:

Exercise: One of the main reasons why you should play with your cat is that it offers proper exercise required for the cat. Remember that with no regular play and exercise, cats are expected to become obese especially indoor cats. Overweight cats are exposed to osteoarthritis, feline diabetes, and heart stress. Regular play sessions offers your cat well required exercise which can make the pet more active and save the cat from being obese.

Bonding: Playing with your cat is a great way to enhance bonding. Playing strengthens the bond between you and your cat as you are spending some quality time with your cat and the cat will feel that you love them. Playing with cat is more than providing food, shelter and warmth. Regular play sessions will go a long way to ensure your affection towards the cat and your cat’s affection towards you. When you play with your kitty, they will understand that you are finding ample time to treat her and see to her needs.

Develop Hunting Abilities: It is considered that playing will assist your cat to develop his hunting abilities. Hunting is a must have skill and it’s a natural instinct for all cats. However, an indoor cat will not get the chance to develop this hunting instinct. So, if you try to play with your cats with some toys, you can improve your cats hunting skills.

Fun for Your Cat: Cats would like to get fun in their lives like human beings. As far as the cats are concerned, playing with his owner is a fun time for them. Playing with your cats is a fun time for you as well.  If you play with your ct every day a few minutes, you will have a happier and active kitty. Cats also will have sad and depressed moments in their life. They can run away from their sad moments if you play with them. Play time with your cat is equally good for your cat and you.

Relieves Boredom: Cats require a lot of fun in their life so as to get away from their boredom. Eating and sleeping can never help them to avoid boredom. They need to run and play to make their life monotony free. When your cats are stuck at home alone all day, they become inactive and they will lead a life packed with monotony. So, make sure to spend some play time with your cats and it will let them to relieve their boredom.

Mental Stimulation: Mental stimulation is very important to the cats to be lively in their everyday life. Play gives cats’ crucial mental stimulation because play presents your kitty an opportunity to exercise her cognitive skills. You can make use of different toys to play with your cat but don’t use any toys that make your kitty more aggressive.

Solve Behavior Problems: It is said that play can solve many behavioral problems faced by the cats on the whole. Aggression, harsh behaviors, extreme vocalization or lack of confidence are common mid cats but playing with your cat can aid you to solve almost any unnecessary cat behavior.

Author Bio: I am Scott Justin. Loving cat is one of my favorite amusements. I love watching cats and how they playing with us. Sometimes they will make our mood very happy. That is why here I am so interested to writing cat blogs. I am working as a freelance at reviews of essay writing service. My several years as a specialist are by reason of my passion and commitment in writing.