Types of Indian Jewellery

December 9, 2017 by ournethelps

Jewellery is always the most important part of the Indian Women. There are lots of types of the gold jewellery. And for almost all parts of the body such as neck, ear, nose, arms, fingers, waist, hair bands, ankles, etc. the art of making beautiful ornaments has developed since the 5000 year old in the India.

Jewellery is designed to match with the costume. The theme of the jewellery designs in different colours is taken into consideration while adoring. To make jewellery more glamorous, it is finished by different purity types of diamonds like IJ/SI, HI/VS, GH/VVS etc, and different shapes of diamonds such as heart, square, rounds, princess, Asscher, pear, radiant, emerald, oval, cushion etc. Traditionally, Indian jewellery has been made of heavy and extensive gold prices. But recently Jewellery also made up of the Silver, platinum, gemstones, and many of the other metals has grown more recently. In the following lines. Here, there is a list of the different types of Gold Jewellery.

Antique Jewellery:

Antique jewellery is not in mainstream production and of which mode of production is not lengthy popular is known as an “Antique gold jewellery”. Some of the beautiful and unique jewellery are ones that have heretofore fit someone else’s past. History of the jewels and re-purpose them to give them new life, wear the Jewellery and add their own experience to the jewellery’s history.

Bridal Jewellery:

India has a great tradition of wedding jewelry. Made of remarkable metals and sterling quality jewellery emphasize the beauty of bride in multiples. Though these days silver and platinum jewellery are gaining popularity, gold jewellery still holds the most popular among Indians.

Jewellery influence a significant place in Indian traditions and all Indian culture. Especially in the weddings. So that Indian bride is not completely sparkled without her jewellery. The bride is blessed with antique jewellery from her mother, grandmother.buying a new jewellery is an equally important for the all Indian bride.

Fashion Jewellery:

Costume Jewellery is also known as a fashion jewellery. Mainly for the reason that it is not made of beloved metals and different types of stones, rather shiny and reasonable material are used. Fashion jewellery is keeps on unstable as per changing needs.

Handmade Jewellery:

Think about jewellery manufacturing in india is as good as taking about handmade jewellery in india. A major portion of jewels in country is made by independent artisan. Traditionally it is an important part of jewellery manufacturing has been handmade jewellery.

Kundan Jewellery:

Kundan jewellery was very famous during the mughal period. The art of kundan work come to rajasthan from delhi. Then later on, jewellery maker from the different part of the country shift to the residence and made rajasthan a hub of kundankari. Monarch and archaic lords gave encouragement to the art and it developed into the integrity.

Navratna Jewellery:

Navratna Jewellery is mostly used as a promising stones. The benefits behinds this is that the nine stones together protect well being of person who wear it. Navratna Jewellery is more importance because of the astrological implication as well as its innate charm.

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