In-house or Design Company? Top 10 Factors to Consider when Looking for a New Website

June 14, 2018 by muneebqadar

What the most important question in this regard is about how to create such a website. Any established company always have two options in scenarios like these, either go for a design agency having expertise in developing one or go for the available resources already available with the company.

There can be many factors that are involved when companies weigh up the options in this regard. In this post, I will include 10 of them so that you can know what are the pros and cons of both of them. Whether you want to go to a premier web design agency or an in-house team for your next project, this post will help you in deciding this quite easily.

1. Resource

  1. Design Company: If you will go for a design company, you will be dependent on the fees as the company then carry out all the activities.
  2. In-House: In this case, the company will be required to support all the activities.

2. Total Cost

  1. Design Company: Retainer/Fees paid plus costs for ad-hoc work
  2. In-House: The salaries which the company pays to cover all the work and the resources don’t need to be paid exclusively.

3. Media Buying

  1. Design Company: beneficial terms due to multiple clients.
  2. In-House: Not enough scale to gain a significant advantage. In other words, the company may end up with paying an amount that is a lot more than what is needed for a design company.

4. Industry Knowledge

  1. Design Company: There is no reason to believe a particular amount of knowledge is offered by a design company as it depends upon the number of years it is being active and the experience of the people working for it
  2. In-House: For a company, the experience in regard to industry knowledge is always up-to-date as it is the requirement for an employee to be on top of his game to retain his position in the company.

5. Marketing Expertise

  1. Design Company: In this factor, a design company will always score with up-to-date expertise.
  2. In-House: Companies also have employees who are good expertise regarding marketing but they require regular training or workshops for staying up-to-date.

6. Creativity

  1. Design Company: These companies offer specific creative people after checking every particular project.
  2. In-House: The creativity in this scenario will be far less than a design company and it will be harder for a company to attract a design to attract the target audience.

7. Control

  1. Design Company: The company will totally rely on agency priorities
  2. In-House: The company looking for a website may have full control with total accountability too.

8. Flexibility

  1. Design Company: High flexibility is what is required and a design company offers exactly that
  2. In-House: Flexibility will always be restricted because of the internal structure and processes restrict this.

9. Technology

  1. Design Company: You can expect the use of latest technology, software, and tools as these are the prerequisites of what everyone expects from a design company.
  2. In-House: For making in-house projects, the company always have to purchase a technology needed for it and the training of the staff is also an issue.

10. Relationships

  1. Design Company: The existing relationship/partnership of the company with various companies of the highest repute like Google, Microsoft, Hubspot, etc.
  2. In-House: Companies being a standalone entity have no or very few direct relationships with the big wigs of the industry.

Final Word

I am sure most of my readers must have some questions/queries in their mind regarding this post. And I am also certain that there are some readers who are expert in this subject and would want to give your valuable feedback.